Let’s be upfront with each other, shall we? Ke$ha’s annoyingly overt—I’m a girl who likes to burp, fart, and shotgun beers—facade is pretty stupid. We don’t know her super well and stuff – but it’s safe to say that she’s that girl who thrusts herself into your house party at 2:00 am hoping to smash shit, giggle, and puke in your laundry basket. Typically, that girl does not receive your Facebook invites. Your landlord hates her. And so do you.

But, like, whatevs. Even though she rocks a hardcore case of Cheetos breath 24/7, when it comes to pop music, there’s no doubt that homegirl knows how to crank out monster hits. If “Tik Tok” isn’t stashed somewhere on your iPod, you’re probably a puppy killer.

Ke$ha’s Get $leazy Tour—which came well-equipped with glitter-spraying cannons and sequined unitards—rolled into Boston’s House of Blues on Tuesday, April 12th.

Based on Ke$ha’s clunky televised performances—um, named her appearance on Saturday Night Live as one of the show’s worst performances in its 35-year history—expectations for the pop star’s Get $leazy gig were low. Very low.

Regardless of our too cool for school cynicism, Ke$ha managed to pack the fuck out of the House of Blues. From naughty tweens, drag queens, and everything in between – Ke$ha’s throng of mall-lovin’ misfit fans showed up ready to shake their shit ‘til their press-on nails fell off.

Towering from a two-tier platform framed by a diamond-shaped light box, Ke$ha—who donned an oversized pair of flashing LED glasses—wasted no time opening the show by blazing straight into her bass-heavy party-anthem “Sleazy.”

“Rat-tat-tat-tat on your dumb, dumb drum,” she sang. “The beat so fat, it’s gonna make me come – um, um, um, um over to your place!”

Perhaps feeling a bit cozy, Ke$ha decided to spend the duration of four songs holdup in her platform cocoon – which held a keyboard, synthesizer, electrical cords (which were probably connected to nothing), and other pieces of miscellaneous nonsense.

Amidst the illumination of light sticks and the shimmer of flaking body glitter – Ke$ha slammed her sequined body around her musical equipment, looking all crazy à la Doc from Back to the Future.

Shortly after revving up the crowd with her solo rendition of “Dirty Picture” – Ke$ha briefly retreated from the stage and reappeared—sans glasses—in a pair of snug booty-shorts and a tattered American flag top.

Ditching her high-rise platform, Ke$ha skimpily took to the main stage and worked that shit out. While flipping her blonde tresses back and forth—like a headlining stripper on a Saturday night—she exploded into her current chart-topper “Blow.”

Uh, WTF? When did Ke$ha decide that she was… an actual pop star?

Maybe one too many beers were had. Perhaps it was the lighting. Or maybe a glitter coma was to blame?

Whatever the case, present-day Ke$ha—surrounded by a herd of raunched-out backup dancers—shared no resemblance with the slowly-dying-hippopotamus-Ke$ha witnessed in performances past.

Someone (maybe Jesus?) clearly spanked the wannabe motel manager and told her to step her fucking game up. And she did just that.

Let us not forget, Ke$ha has scored nine dance-heavy Top 10 hits. (Three of which have occupied the #1 spot.) That’s, like, way more than J.C. Chasez has.

Confident, high-energy, in control, and looking a tad Britney Spearsish these days – Ke$ha promised Boston an “epic dance party.” And while ripping through her hits like an unforgiving savage—to your surprise and ours—she kept her promise.

[Ke$ha back in Boston. Tues. 8.16.11. Bank of America Pavilion. 290 Northern Ave. Boston. 617.728.1600. 730pm/all ages/$40-$60.]


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