Usually when I visit exhibitions the atmosphere is pretty tame. But Pulse Boston welcomed me with high energy, loud music and two floors of spectacular art. The event was put on by Raw Artists, a group that seeks to promote upcoming artists with shows all throughout the US. I took a stroll around the Estate and found some interesting and creative minds.

On the first floor I ran into Azheny Zdeb from the Ukraine. She creates 3D art with live flowers and random objects.

“I started this a couple years ago. It was my hobby then about a year ago I quit my old job and started to do floral design full time and I love it. I’ve already been published twice.”

The second floor was jam packed with artists but I gravitated towards Peter Gollands and Cecilla Ulibarri. Peter Gollands paints cartoon like creatures and other representational figures in abstract settings.

“A lot of people look at them and kinda laugh at the surface content. I usually pick an awkward moment in my childhood from 5 to 18 and try to abstract it and bring it back to the concrete.”

“But they are not too abstract, they have their illustrative qualities but they come with content.”

Cecilla Ulibarri’s art is a bit more abstract than Peters but just as interesting. She works with shapes both defined and fluid.

“I use a lot of spray paint on the mirrors. But I do also canvas and stuff, but I don’t stop there. I don’t like to limit myself. I can be inspired by anything. I’ve done clothing, I’ve done jewelry.”

Downstairs 20 year-old Boston native Dreadknot was wailing on her guitar and belting it out. She was nice enough to hang out after the show.

“I’m from Boston. I went to Boston Latin school. When I graduated I went to UMass-Amherst for computer science and I just I found that I couldn’t really focus, because all the time I was in my room playing music. I couldn’t really do my academics. I just decided that I think music is where I need to be.”

“It’s so crazy because I never wanted to play guitar”.

“It wasn’t like’ no I don’t want to play’ but I never had a feeling that I wanted to play guitar. There was one day when I saw a guitar and I said I want that. I got it, and it was a really cheap guitar and I never put it down.”

Well there you have it! Pulse Boston was a success. Look out for these names in future shows!


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