Everyone ready to gorge themselves and sleep because Thanksgiving?!?  Well, I guess you can do those things at any time, when you think about it. And it’s not like turkey’s moot the rest of the year, either.  So, I guess Thanksgiving’s special because you get to watch a really energetic parade (and dog show,) mixed with the sounds of beeping stoves and microwaves all day.


Last night’s shows were right in the spirit of things: filling you up right, leaving just enough room for pie.

Youth Lagoon (@youthlagoon) @ T.T. The Bear’s: Newcomer Youth Lagoon (Trevor Powers, repping Boise, ID) is showing a lot of promise, making the kind of music you hear when you stare into those giant, Midwestern skies at night, all open and majestic. But wait, what’s that? Looks like some sort of flying saucer.. Oh my god, they’re invading! Run! Tell my wife I love he–

Keep Shelly In Athens (@keepshellyinath) @ Brighton Music Hall: What sounds like the band name for your typical grindcore fare is in actuality a Greek duo offering mellow, Air-esque vibes, perfect for your first-class trip to Paris. And this writer loves him some Air. Am I listening to “Moon Safari” right now? Non!

Drive-By Truckers (@drivebytruckers) @ House of Blues: Sometimes, you just need music to throw back some Jack to. Light up a Marlboro Red, use the word “country” a lot. Drive-By Truckers allows you to do this, being the sound of those dirty old jeans at the bottom of your closet. U2 might sing about getting some boots on, but they don’t really know what it’s like.

Mystery Roar (@mysteryroar) @ Great Scott: I’m a sucker for any nostalgic electronic music, so it comes as no surprise that I’m still tapping my feet to Mystery Roar. By the way–what exactly is a mystery roar? Doesn’t that imply a familiar, less-terrifying roar?

“Say, I know that roar!”


A self-described melomaniac from New York, he loves Crystal Castles and hates jellybeans.

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