Hey! Yesterday was eleven-two-eleven! That’s, like, almost as cool as eleven-eleven-eleven.

‘Cause 1+1=2 and, uh, there’s two ones in eleven and… that’s it.

Okay. So we jumped the gun by about eight days.

Childish Gambino (@DonaldGlover) @ House of Blues: So, if we were to tell you that stand-up comedian/writer/Troy Barnes on Community is also a /rapper (and was /at /HoB last night), some sort of “Weird Al” parody act might come to mind. ‘Cause you make unfounded assumptions like that you’ve been burned before by that kind of stuff. But, as it turns out, he’s actually just a really good rapper with clever lyrics. Less like the “Weird Al” of rapping and more like the “Weird Al” of… polka? Or… is he the Donald Glover of rapping? The Donald Rapping of Polka Al?

Let’s just go with him being the Childish Gambino of Childish Gambino.

SBTRKT (@SBTRKT) @ Royale: DJ/producer SBTRKT kind of has the whole Daft Punk “supra-anonymous-don’t-want-to-talk-about-myself” thing going on, what with the tribal masks and such. Of course, with people like @daviday tweeting about his show at Royale last night, he doesn’t really need to talk about himself.

“Because I’ve never ever had so much to gain / And so much to lose” @SBTRKT @boweryboston @occupy_Boston

Music coverage plus political commentary?

Dude should totally, like, be the editor of a Boston alt-weekly or something.

The White Buffalo (@blancobuffalo) @ T.T. the Bear’s: Rounding out the Morning After today (and, by extension, last night at T.T’s) with some mellow acoustic-goodness is that most elusive of transcendentalist-symbols, White Whale Buffalo. Does their music expose the shallow over-optimism of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s spiritual/philosophical/artistic movement? Naw, not really. It can be pretty upbeat.

Thar’ she buffalos! The Great YouTube video!

Aloud (@aloudonline) & Naked on Roller Skates (@norsrocks) @ O’Brien’s: Okay, so last night was the official residency kick-off for gritty-meets-pretty local rockers Aloud at O’Brien’s. Which was undoubtedly full of aching, beautiful vocals, gentle acoustic strumming, playful piano-work and all the other things that make a venue go “Hey. You should reside here.” So why mention Naked On Roller Skates, a band we’ve written much words ’bout before? Well it’s certainly not just because they’re called…

Naked on [Mother-friggin'] Roller Skates!!!

That would be silly.


"Time's glory is to calm contending kings, To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light." - Shakespeare, "The Rape of Lucrece" "I gyve unto my wief my second best bed with the furniture." - Shakespeare, "Last Will and Testament."

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  1. yo clancy first of all you didn’t mention AraabMUZIK which was like the best part of last night and SECOND i was tweeting too!! :( or attempting to..


    Goofed, I have dun. I’ll turn my Morning After badge in to the commissioner tomorrow morning.