2011 was such an incredible year; the death of dictators, worldwide protests, The Cain Train. So does 2012 have the cajones to top it? Here’s what needs to happen:

1. Everyone gets their own hoverboard.
2. “Ghostbusters III” comes out.
3. A combination of those two.

It goes without saying that there were quite a few shows this weekend, but here’s a select few that were deemed USDA Prime by yours truly.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones ( @ House of Blues, 12.30.11: The Hometown Throwdown is the annual, end-of-the-year sendoff that Boston’s own Bosstones have been doing for the last 14 years now. Right on par with a game at Fenway, the Throwdown is perhaps one of the most Boston things you can do (outside of eating a can of beans while listening to “Foreplay/Long Time”). Never miss it.

Superstition @ An Tua Nua, 12.30.11: An Tua Nua’s Superstition dance-parties are always something special, and it only helped that DJ Static and DJ Paul Foley were on the turntables Friday night. Enjoy the photos below, courtesy of the amazing Mick Murray.

The Upper Crust (, Sidewalk Driver (@Sidewalk_Driver), Gene Dante & The Future Starlets (@genedante) @ Church of Boston, 12.31.11: A glam-rock New Year’s sounds all right by us, especially with Boston-locals the Upper Crust leading the charge with their powdered wigs and AC/DC stomp. Plus, how many other bands can you name that had a guest-spot on the late, great Codename: Kids Next Door? Yeah, thought so.

Earthquake Party! (, The Fagettes (@thefagettes), The New Highway Hymnal (, DJ Liz Pelly (@LIZPELLY) @ O’Briens Pub, 12.31.11: If you jam packed this New Year’s show any further, it might possibly explode from sheer…jam. Once again, Mick “He’s Really Nice To Us” Murray supplies photos (and a bonus Fagettes video!) from one heck of a night.

Mellow Bravo (@mellowbravo) @ Middle East Downstairs, 12.31.11: Straight rock and roll is scarce these days, with microgenres upon microgenres burying that old-fashioned label of “Rock” ever deeper. So when one comes across a straight shot of the stuff, it’s pretty refreshing. Gimme a glass of Mellow Bravo, please.

Lucero (@luceromusic) @ Paradise, 12.31.11: For the uninitiated, Lucero sounds like Stone Temple Pilots done right (sorry, Mr. Weiland, but what the crap was this?). Frontman Ben Nichols has one of those voices you should know about, and the band makes those driving-into-the-sunset songs you kind of need now and then, granted you have a pickup truck, and a dusty, rural stretch of road (or an above-average imagination).


Another New Year’s come and gone, but the Dig celebrated the only way we know how: with a whole bunch of Narragansett and the best friends in the whole wide world at Brighton Music Hall. And we really did find the best friends in the world, we scoured the Earth in advance.

Additionally, EDM superstar Mikey Lee (@coralcola) photobombed WBZ and DJ Die Young (@djdieyoung) on NYE, repping the Cambridge House Mafia as well. May this live in infamy.


A self-described melomaniac from New York, he loves Crystal Castles and hates jellybeans.

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