The good people at Foursquare thought you might like to know some numbers from Sunday.

No, not the score–much happier numbers.

There were around 350,000 total check-ins to Super Bowl (“Super Swarm Sunday” venue)–their biggest swarm ever. These included 3,000 total checkins to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Almost 2,500 sports bars across the U.S. were checked into on Super Bowl Sunday, meaning the vast majority of people checked-in to the game enjoyed watched from somebody’s home rather than a bar. Boston bars likely saw a surge after the game.

Foursquare confirmed the Super Bowl is a matter of national importance, reporting one check-in from the White House.

The game also got international love with check-ins shouting ‘Super Bowl’ in 117 countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Macedonia. Suck it, soccer.

Among the top countries for check-ins were Russia (probably for the winter weather violence) and Japan (probably for the Madonna-halftime weirdness).

Of course, this international attention for an American sport makes sense when the top 100 locations are broken down.

They include a Hooters in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico, an Applebee’s in Sau Paulo, Brazil and a McDonald’s in Sandkan, Malaysia.

Doesn’t get more American than that.

Women were definitely checked-in to the game this year, accounting for 49 percent off all Super Bowl check-ins (*cough*Brady*cough*).

So where did Bostonians check-in to watch their hopes and dreams die? Here’s the top ten check-ins in Boston (feel free to compare it to last year):

  1. Whiskey’s
  2. Cask ‘n Flagon
  3. Game On!
  4. The Four’s
  5. Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill
  6. Conor Larkin’s
  7. Champions Sports Bar
  8. McGreevy’s
  9. The North Star
  10. Sweet Caroline’s

Not many repeats, though Cask ‘ Flagon came up from fourth to second (go Cask!) and Game On! held the third spot.

But still, looks like Whiskey’s pulled the upset and ended up on top. Who saw that coming? Probably a last minute thing, too.

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