“Electric Pin Wheel?” “Metatron’s Cube?” “Artisan’s Asylum is the builder’s paradise.”

Experiencing a music fest has all the more energy with mind blowing art installations on stage. This year, Boston’s Together Festival is shaking up the art scene full force with Hack Together—a 24-hour installation buildathon held at Artistan’s Asylum this past Sunday, April 1 through 2.

Hack Together truly brought Together’s core (music, technology and art) to a creative space filled with ideation, innovation and teamwork.

“Hack day is meant to bring people who are interested in DIY culture but are not able to be involved because they live in the city, where space is hard to come by. Artisan’s Asylum rents out spaces to participants, but not everyone can afford it. Hack Together opens up Artisan’s Asylum to the public for 24 hours,” said Robby Grodin, Hack Together Creator.

In a workshop space, beats blasted while four participants built their installations, and tweets, Instagram photos, and a ustream documented the 24-hour building period.

For one of the judges, throw in electric red headed singer Casey Desmond, who is also an illustrator and fashion designer, and you’ve got a music and art combo at its finest.

“I think being in an artist collective itself is really inspiring. I am an artist myself, and I would love to collaborate with artists here. They are geniuses,” said Desmond.

So what do these techie DIY creatives have to show off after much hacking?

A motorized LED light “Electric Pin Wheel” and a sacred geometric shaped sculpture known as “Metatron’s Cube” that light ups in the presence of sound pulses.

The LED wheel creators, Michael Dewberry and Pete Dilworth both come from engineering backgrounds. Dewberry is also a multimedia installation artist, who is currently involved in creating a piece for Burning Man in August. There was no set plan for the build besides using LED lights.

After much rewiring of LEDs, programming of light patterns, and building the wood frame and motor that spins the whole wheel, the piece really came together. Wood and metal scraps were used from the Asylum.

“This is not something I expected. It was cool to be inspired by materials. That doesn’t usually happen in software engineering,” said Dewberry.

The hack team that created “Metatron’s Cube,” included sound designer and composer Kedaar Kumar and high-tech designer for danger!awesome Faizan Ahmed. With his fascination for sacred geometry, Kumar led the idea behind the installation. In Greek, Metatron means “beyond the matrix,” and it consists of five shapes known as “platonic solids” within one three dimensional geometric figure.

The interactive aspect of Kumar and Ahmed’s piece really becomes apparent when sound activates the light sequence on the cube. Here’s a short clip of some beatboxing and light action.

Kumar even has a Matatron’s Cube tattoo on his back! Now, that’s dedication.

“I think having Hack Together at the Artisan’s Asylum was definitely the right decision.  It’s the builder’s paradise. I had an incredible time, and I can’t wait to do it again next year, hopefully with more participants to show off their skills,” said Kumar.

Hack Together Creator Robby Grodin and Gui Cavalcanti President of Artisan’s Asylum judged the event along with Casey Desmond.

The three judges decided that “Metatron’s Cube” is the official winner of Hack Together. Great job to everyone involved!

“Metratron’s Cube” will display on stage with Feed Me, Kill the Noise and DJ Digi at Royale this Thursday, April 5. Both Hack Together pieces will also be presented at Get Together and Whirl this Saturday, April 7.



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