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Headbands & earrings by Wandering Wear

The graffiti-covered, vinyl-record-wielding, synth-voiced takeover that is Together has already begun, and the invaders are saving their hottest tracks for last. This Saturday, the Together Center will host one of the festivals’ main events, featuring everything from fashion vendors to software developers—the Get Together.


Twenty-one-year-old Emerson College student Ricky Sanchez will be one of many there with his school project, Koalacore Clothing (@KoalaCore). Sanchez is not exactly the paper-mâchaé and diorama type. “We were supposed to find a company that had a failing business plan and find a fictional scenario where we rework it in class and present it, but I decided that instead of working with a company in a fictional scenario I wanted to come up with a brand new company and new business plan for that instead,” he explains. The junior Marketing major started out as a guitarist in a hardcore band but eventually dropped out to focus on Koalacore and school.

But Sanchez’s involvement in the hardcore scene influenced his decision to create a music-based company that sponsors local bands and DJs.

Sanchez uses Koalacore’s designs—a mix of vibrantly colored elephants, owls, and of course, koalas—to reflect trends in both the hardcore and electronic scenes.

And why koalas?

Sanchez donates 10% of profits to the ASPCA, so you can simultaneously feed a starving artist, save a koala, and look cool doing so.



Photo by @Dubspot

Festival-goers who want to literally get schooled by experienced DJs can get their education in Together’s production and sound design workshops. The NY based DJ school Dubspot (@Dubspot) will be holding a series of educational sessions on subjects ranging from electronic music theory and composition to drum programming and sound design on Thursday and Friday.

“Music is a never ending learning process. There will always be more to learn, and that’s what makes it exciting.

I think it’s always helpful to put yourself in a hands-on environment when you’re learning, have access to the tools to make music and also have people that can help mentor you to make the most out of your own sound,”

says Dubspot marketing manager Nate Mars. With a faculty of prolific musicians and DJs, a listing of fully interactive online courses, and a diverse, international student body, Dubspot keeps in pace with the growing electronic-tech community.



Photo from Boston Hoop Troop’s Facebook

For those who think this is just a small underground gathering of glow-sticks and smoke-machines, the Get Together will slap them in the face with the acts pouring out into the streets of Cambridge. A group of artists will be taking over the famous graffiti alley in Central Square, flanked by The Boston Hoop Troop (@BostonHoopTroop), doing enough impressive hula-tricks to make them the envy of every elementary schooler in the history of recess period.

“I’m basically just shit-my-pants excited,” says Blair St. Onge, a local painter involved in the project.

St. Onge has been painting since she was in first grade, but this will be her first public presentation of her work. “I’m really excited about finally dipping my big toe into the art scene in Boston. I hope [my pieces] engage people, make them want to continue looking and continue discovering the detail, because every piece is 1,001 decisions there are 1,001 things to see.”



SAT 4.7.12


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