Wait, where did the sun go? This week Boston not only plays host to London weather but surrenders to a British Invasion. From a concert to a store opening, by way of an art exhibit and a quick bite, start your week off right with a little London Calling.

MUSIC: The Kooks @ The House of Blues

The Kooks have arrived in Boston. Back in town after playing in November, the British indie-pop band will once again perform at the House of Blues this week. Inspired by the 1960s musical British Invasion, the guitar-driven band released their third album Junk of the Heart back in September 2011, with a hook-heavy single by the same name. Following opening bands Royal Teeth and Boston-native Mean Creek, The Kooks will claim the stage on Thursday May 24.

#12.3 The Kooks – Ooh la by lablogotheque

ART: Beauty as Duty @ MFA

In yet another era of British culture, “Beauty as Duty: Textiles and the Home Front in WWII Britain” is an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts that has been on display since October 2011. The conservative dresses, not-so-subtle propaganda scarves, and stern military uniforms are one display for just one more week giving Bostonians a final chance to catch a glimpse of this unique era of 1940s fashion. The exhibit explores the fine line that Brits had to walk during World War II, balancing what looks good with what was patriotic. “Beauty (in measured amounts) was not frivolous, it was a patriotic duty,” explains the MFA website about the exhibit, on display until May 28.

FASHION: Fred Perry Invades Newbury Street

Honestly, I don’t know why the preppy British brand has decided to open their third U.S. store on Newbury Street of all places (taking Karmaloop’s old store location at 301 Newbury St.) but I’m not going to complain. While Bostonians usually opt for oversized hoodies and the sandal-and-sock combo, it’s nice to finally have someone believe in Boston’s potential on the fashion front. Channeling the 1950s mods, Fred Perry offers men’s and women’s clothing with the brand’s original laurel wreath logo. The store opens on Thursday so chuck that Red Sox shirt and head over to Fred Perry this weekend.

FOOD: Flann O’Brien’s

While there’s the perpetual competition of who found the best hamburger in town, what about fish and chips? The British cuisine staple is not uncommonly found in Boston but word on the street is that the best one is tucked away in Mission Hill at the Irish/British pub Flann O’Brien’s at 1619 Tremont St. For just seven bucks you can try the beer battered fish and thick-cut fries out yourself. And if deep fried fish in beer wasn’t enough, you can enjoy 28 beers on draft while playing pool and listening to British oldies on the jukebox.


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