Anti-authoritarian, anti-consumerism, anti-discrimination. Pro-expression, pro-camaraderie, pro-free-of-charge.

It seems as if everyone’s always scuffing his or her feet, staring at the wormy ground, and whining about being broke. “I’m broke!” they collectively proclaim (in unison of course). “I’m broke! I can’t get drunk tonight, dude.” “I can’t go to that show tonight, man. I’m broke as fuck.”

Allison Francis, who will be performing at DIY Fest this year.

Broke broke broke, wah wah wah. Fucking WAH dude. It’s not a total lie, however: not having the proper doughage to have a few (too many) beers or scarf down a bowl of noodles that don’t meet 99% of the recommended daily sodium intake sucks. That’s the scientifically established term. Sucks. And although it’s also no lie that Beanington is overflowing (just like those icy beers you surely can’t afford, beautifully, glisteningly, refreshingly, adverbingly overflowing) with cool things to do that are often out of reach, there are always ways to escape the stinky, sweaty wrath of that putrid three-haired creature some recognize as “money.”

Case study: The great outdoors. Other case study: Listening to a lengthy lineup of homegrown artists such as Streight Angular, Allison Francis, Pile, and Mornin’ Old Sport, improving your own at-auction rate by acquiring a medley of totally important skills (sarcasm not included) that would be tough to find anywhere else:

“Home-brewing Kombucha,” “Creating Change Through Books,” “Learn to Crochet and Make ‘Yarn’ from Plastic Bags,” (whaaaa?) and “Puppet Making 101.”

That’s right, this Saturday is time for round three (ding ding!) of Allston DIY Fest, the brainchild of Matthew Altieri and former Dig writer Clay Adamczyk. But don’t you dare ask who’s in charge around there. This shit’s anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical.

“We get together in meetings and we post the meetings on Facebook. It’s really whoever comes gets to serve. People have taken roles with whatever they want to do … If you want to focus on skillshares, for instance,” said Altieri.

“We got really lucky this year and got a lot of people who want to do a lot.”

And while the third installment of this free, all-ages, 100% sober festival may not include getting wasted from paper-bagged beer in Ringer Park, it does present a rare, double-rainbow variety of opportunities sprawled out in your future, just a-waitin’ for you to smarten up, attach ass to pillow, and revel in all the slip ‘n slide-like glory. What better way to awaken your slumbering senses from the near-debilitating heat?

Allston DIY will be

“celebrating DIY culture, freedom of individual expression, community building and alternative education, promoting a gift economy in place of money and oppressive consumerism”

this Saturday from 10am to 6pm at Allston’s Ringer Park.

The first year of the festival saw a rocky start, as Altieri and co. didn’t get permission from city hall. In the years after, however, they’ve made sure to go and meet with everyone they needed to.

Altieri specifically recalls how helpful Joan Pasquale, Executive Director of nonprofit The Parents Community and Build Group, Inc. (PCBG) has been: “[She] bent over backwards to make sure we have everything.

She also runs the [Allston Village Street Fair]. I guess you could say that we’re trying to help each other.”

Allston is often strapped with a bad rep because of all those pesky rats and belligerent frat boys that infest its streets, and because of the subtle tension that exists between the older, long-time residents and all the 20-something passers-through. And while the crowd attracted to DIY Fest may be more from the latter demographic, the event’s involvement with fellow Allston organizations such as PCBG can only lead to a more amicable coexistence, keeping along with the event’s mantra of respect: respect of race, religion, sex, age, class, sexual and gender orientation, the park itself, etc. This is certainly not a day for those who hate, or those who litter.

The closest this thing gets to categorizing people is dividing the scheduled swaps between the book and record variety, and the 25 bands set to perform between electric and acoustic.


SATURDAY 7.21.12

Photos of Doomstar! and Allston DIY banner via Ethan M. Long.


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