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The art of the video game deals with simulation. Whether the game is simulating physics, or a certain event, people play them in order to experience something different than what they are used to, hopefully in a realistic sense.

Maybe its realism is what makes Soda Drinker Pro, a soda-drinking simulation game, such an intriguing title. Or maybe it’s the insanity of its incredible inanity.

Nobody is exactly sure what to think of it. Not even the creator. Not even me.

Regardless the half-decade old free game, created by Boston-area local Will Brierly, has become a sudden hit on the Internet, hitting 100,000 downloads in just 30 days. The reasoning behind this quick surge in popularity is a bit puzzling to some, but Brierly thinks that it is just a game people have been looking for since it simulates what people enjoy.

“I think people like drinking sodas, and walking around,” he said. “It’s different from other games in that you don’t really do anything in it besides drinking soda, and there are no real rules so it’s very easy to play. I think it’s pretty silly too.”

The game is exactly as it sounds. It is an FPS, or a first person soda. You walk around different locations drinking soda. There is no real goal except to finish your soda, and get to the next location. It’s not anything flashy. The graphics are about 15 years out of date, the story is nonexistent, and there is nothing else of note to speak of. The game was made in a day, according to Brierly on the game’s origins, who said he was thirsty one night and really wanted a soda. It’s not a grand thing, but it seems to work for what it is, which is a silly piece of interactive meditation.

It also has a habit of making you very thirsty.

So far the game only has a few levels–the beach, space, the usual stuff–but Brierly hopes to add up to 100 levels based on user suggestions if the game gets Greenlit on Steam. Luckily, the response has been overwhelming. He has gotten great ideas from users, including drinking soda inside of another soda, on a rollercoaster, in the bathtub, or while riding a lion.

Bonus Soda for Soda Drinker ProBrierly has even gotten requests from big-name soda companies to feature their products in the game. He has also released “real life bonus sodas” featured in the game through a soda company in Connecticut thanks to donations from fans.

The game’s reach has been astounding, getting responses from the international audience.

“It’s really funny. The thing that is so nice about it is that I see people downloading it everywhere from South Africa to Korea, and it’s like, more than anything, that makes me really happy. People all over the world are getting in on this silly thing.”

What Brierly has in store for the game’s feature is up in the air, especially considering the possible release on Steam, although he says that if the people want 1,000 levels, then they are going to get those levels. This game is something special, and the people seem to want even more.

“It’s refreshing, like a soda.”


I would like to thank the Academy, and my parents for never buying me a gaming console when I was younger.


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