As someone who attended the very first Together meeting in the Dig conference room four-plus years ago, and proceeded to spend literally thousands of hours working on the Festival since, I feel honored to have a chance to talk about Together a bit—what I love about it and why you might love it too.

In the pages of this issue, you’ll be treated to an overview of the most diverse and robust creative event in Boston, at least in my opinion.

Together is bigger, it’s broader, it aims higher; and more than any year before … this year, we have delivered.

The tagline of the festival is: “Music, Art, Technology”, all of which are viewed by the festival organizers through the lens of community and local economy. Together is a festival created of, by, and for local community members, with a curatorial sense aligned with the best and brightest in the world. There’s a reason that our headquarters is in the lively and diverse Central Square, with the Together Main Stage at the internationally renowned (and locally owned) Middle East.

We produce a world-class event, but do so with a never-ending sense of our role in this community and economy.

Together was created, in many ways, to unite. Unite people, unite communities, unite genres … to unite Boston and beyond. We’re not venture funded, we don’t have “a rich guy” who pours money in to create this magic. It’s a labor of love, and one that’s done with much hustle.

But what we do have is the most committed group of people I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

Together 2011

This year’s team is comprised of approximately 100 people, none of which will make significant money for the dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of hours that have gone into planning and executing this week.

Together Meeting 2013

We do it because we love the creation and the vision. We do it because we love our city. And if these past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that love is what overcomes.

Love is what makes it possible to face scary shit and say, “No, fuck you. I’m going to go out to celebrate life and the people in it.”

In many ways, that’s what this festival is all about. Together is a convening and a celebration of each other. And we’re ready to welcome you, with open arms.

We hope to see you next week at a panel, in a museum, or on the dance floor.  We’ll be there … smiling and ready to celebrate, together.

Joe is the Chief Operating Officer of the Together Festival & the Director of Development and Community Engagement at the American Independent Business Alliance



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