Geek guru and ruler of the nerd empire.

Chris Hardwick is America’s comic with a heart of gold. Widely known for his observational humor and a tongue sharper than Valyrian steel, Hardwick’s new mission is that of complete global domination. Though as former host of Web Soup, current co-host of the wildly popular Nerdist Podcast, and host of live talk shows Talking Dead and Talking Bad, the Reign of Hardwick may already be upon us.

With his stand-up comedy show at The Wilbur mere days away, Hardwick chatted with the Dig about his upcoming performance, his new ventures in the world of television, and the future of his days as the Nerdist.

“The Wilbur is great,” says Hardwick of the historic Boston theater. “It’s the perfect size … not too big, but it’s big enough and it’s gorgeous inside.”

Despite the beauty and intimacy of the venue, Hardwick admits that the Wilbur is only one reason for his continued interest in returning to the city.

“Boston [is] a good town,” Hardwick explains. “It’s one of the first towns where I was really able to sell any tickets. [Also] Boston’s a really good, good town for our podcast. Some cities we’re known in, some cities we’re not known in, and Boston was one of the first cities where we were like, ‘Oh, people are actually coming out!’ [It’s] pretty special to me for that reason.”

Along with his hosting gigs and podcast, Hardwick also runs his own Nerdist Theater out of Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, heads celebrity bowling competitions on his YouTube channel, lends his voice to the Nickelodeon series Sanjay and Craig, and was recently—even if only to a few loyal fans on Twitter—thought to be the possible 12th Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who (“I think casting an American Doctor would have caused Britain to re-attack us,” he admits). Not to mention, Hardwick is working on a new show (@Midnight) for Comedy Central with the team from Funny or Die and Thomas Lennon.

So, yeah, Chris works really Hardwick. (Sorry.)

“I think I just don’t do well with free time,” Hardwick laughs when asked about his busy schedule. “[Talking Bad], in terms of work load … I really don’t have to do that much other than watch a show I would’ve watched anyway and talk about it. But the Comedy Central show … we’re really putting a lot of time into trying to make it funny, and good, and right.”

Because most of Hardwick’s new projects are independent of his Nerdist brand, he recently took to Twitter to ask his followers about handing his handle (@nerdist) over to his rapidly expanding company.


“It used to just be me,” Hardwick admits, “But now we employ a lot of people and there are a lot of Nerdist-related things that don’t directly involve my face and a lot of things I do that don’t directly involve Nerdist. [But] I didn’t get a clear answer, it was literally split down the middle … I think I probably will eventually. The company is just bigger than I am. Also,” he adds, laughing,

“there are some obnoxious things that I’m sort of leery about tweeting sometimes, because the name of the company is my Twitter.”

Hardwick will be performing at The Wilbur this Friday with fellow podcaster and Boston native, Matt Mira. If you haven’t heard of Hardwick before now, the Dig congratulates you on finally escaping that underground bunker you were apparently trapped in for the last decade. Some updates: Nick and Jessica divorced, Arrested Development was canceled and then renewed, and, oh yeah, Chris Hardwick is taking over the world.


FRIDAY 9.27.13
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Jasmine Lopez is an English major at Bunker Hill Community College. She is a professional human being and fangirl who enjoys creating drinking games for Tarantino films and daydreaming about traveling around in the TARDIS. She hopes to some day write a biography that will adequately describe her.


  1. Can’t wait for this show! He (and the whole Nerdist gang) are always great about hanging around after and meeting fans.

  2. Love the interview! He seems like a cool down to earth dude. P.S I’m one of those people coming up from the bunker I’ve never heard of him lol :( but nowwwww ill look into him!