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The things we do between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day–excessive spending, drinking, eating–make that time frame kind of like the weekend of the entire year, which, in turn, would make January the Monday. And let me tell you something, I fucking hate Mondays. They’re like this puffy-eyed, hungover, dehydrated, unmotivating admission that reality is back for a while. Luckily though, we live in a city where if you take the slightest bit of time to look, you can find cool shit to get you by.

This January has a lot going on, but one thing I’m gripping tightly in my fist that I’d like to punch into your point of view is Cuisine En Locale’s viking themed gorgefest, ONCE in Valhalla.

Saturday, Jan. 22, in Somerville’s Center for the Arts at the Armory, Bostonians are invited to “feast among the Aesir Gods and Valkyries in Odin’s Mighty Hall.” Now, if that makes any sense to you, then a tip of the iron-horned helmet to your Nordic knowledge. If not, then a barbarous swing to the gullet for you, and continue reading.

Cambridge-based Cuisine in Locale, a personal cooking service, along with the help of area friends Short Army, Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, and Green River Ambrosia, is hosting a “One Night Culinary Event” (ONCE) with a 10-course, all-the-meat-you-can-eat, theatrically-impregnated, four-hour consumption overload. Summoning some age-old Scandinavian mythology, this experiential night takes you to into the depths of the nobly brutish afterlife.

“When you come through the doors, into Valhalla, you will have died. You are the honored dead,” explained Cuisine En Locale founder, JJ Gonson. “You’ll be greeted by the gods and shown to your table for a really intense feast.”

From the peacefully vegetarian to the savagely carnivorous, palates will be tirelessly smitten throughout the night as course upon course strikes, until Cuisine En Locale reaches its ultimate conquest of you in a food coma. In line with the company’s M.O. of using locally born food, each fresh ingredient will not have traveled far to get into your stomach. Expect appearances in this enduring saga from characters such as quail, sardines, beets, pollock, oysters, carrots, lamb, ham, cheeses, and an array of fruits, along with some possible surprise guests.

With entrance, you’ll also have access to a selection of Pretty Things’ craft brews and its cask custom-made for this event, a specially prepared chamomile mead by Green River Ambrosia, and you’ll receive a cool viking-style snow hat made by Short Army. And, on top of ALL of that, an estimated $6,000 will find its way into the hands of nearby farmers from the purchase of ingredients.

Tickets range from $55 to $85 depending of their level of meatiness. If you’re feeling adventurous, voyage over to and capture a stub for the weekend.



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