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Scotch. Chocolate. Both delight on their own, but make for a more exciting evening when paired. This week, you can learn more from Glenlivet’s own kilted brand ambassador, Sir Jeremy Bell, while raising money to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The ALS Association hosts the inaugural Scotch and Chocolate event at The Commandant’s House in Charlestown. Dressed in full Highland kilt with bagpipes blaring, Bell will enlighten guests of the fascinating facts of Scotch, port and Champagne. He’ll offer advice on winning combinations of chocolate and fruit for each spirit and wine, and will also teach guests how to saber a bottle of Champagne. For those who successfully chop the top off a bottle of bubbly, induction into the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or (the brotherhood of the golden saber) awaits.

Cigar Masters will have an expert on-site to hand-roll cigars, adding to the old rich guy charm of the evening. The event will also feature a chocolate fountain with exotic fruits, piano playing, and both live and silent auctions with incredible prizes, like a shirt signed by Josh Beckett and a one-week Cape house rental.

What to wear while sabering a bottle of Champagne? Hmmm … mix up one of these as you ponder.

Recipe by Oscar Quagliarini, Italy

Ice an old fashioned glass with cracked ice and Pernod, then pour it out.

In a mixing glass put:
1 sugar cube
3 drops The Bitter Truth aromatic bitters
3 drops chocolate bitters

Crush the sugar cube and add to mixing glass:
Ice cubes
2.25 Glenlivet single malt Scotch (10 year old)
1 barspoon Galliano L’Autentico

Stir and strain into the Pernod-rinsed old fashioned glass. Flamed orange zest for garnish.

[Scotch and Chocolate to benefit The ALS Association. Thu 2.10.11. Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston. 6pm-8:30pm/21+/$100. 888.CURE.ALS.]