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Spend too much of 2011 staring numbly at a green apron while you paid some sullen grad student six bucks to push a couple buttons?

Well, it’s 2012 now. You said that this is gonna be the the year you’re going legit, right?

With Cambridge’s new coffee bar dwelltime opening in February, getting a completely respectable cup of coffee just got way easier.

Dwelltime is the brainchild of Jamie van Schyndel, who is no stranger to Boston’s coffee scene. Once the manager of Simon’s in Porter Square, he now operates the small batch roaster, Barismo, in Arlington Center.

Dwelltime’s new 1000-square-foot space boasts a 50-seat capacity—50 times the amount of seating at the Arlington espresso bar.

All of the baristas in dwelltime’s lineup are stoked on the community aspect of coffee, “We canvassed the five block radius surrounding dwelltime about interest in a coffee shop opening nearby, and the response was overwhelmingly positive,” says dwelltime employee Stephen Juan Zemis.

In addition to locals that are already into it, dwelltime is making friends with roasters and baristas outside of the Barismo family. Before their doors officially open, dwelltime is hosting Boston’s first Thursday Night Throwdown, private event and latte art competition for those in the steamed milk slinging industry.

Speaking of community oriented, dwelltime will be conducting blind coffee tastings, Pepsi Challenge-style, to see which roasters are the biggest crowd pleasers. The most popular, piping hot cup of joe will be named the guest coffee at dwelltime.

Although there is often a direct correlation, having delicious coffee is just as important as where the beans come from. For Barismo roaster Ben Pratt, great brews come with great responsibility.

“The roasters we serve will have to be philosophically aligned with what we’re trying to do. They need to be directly buying coffee, with as much transparency as possible.”

In addition to having locally roasted, humanely sourced beans in the hopper, dwelltime has the fancy-pants equipment to match. Hario V60 pour over will be available by the cup all day. The water for your perfect pour over will be expertly dispensed by either a squishy human or the sleek, unfeeling Luminaire Bravo-1 prototype, developed by engineering students from Olin College in Needham. By-the-cup coffee from other devices like the Hario Woodneck and the Yama coffee siphon will be available as a weekly special. Their most impressive looking piece of machinery is dwelltime’s state of the art espresso machine, the Strada EP from La Marzocco.

Dwelltime employees are excited to get you turned on to good coffee by explaining the science behind brewing. “It will be nice to have a space for people to talk about good food, great coffee and other stuff we’re all psyched about,” says Tyler Farris, an impressively bearded dwelltime employee.

There are some crazy-awesome ways to make coffee in 2012, and dwelltime is happy to provide.

Observing one of their expert baristas at work will have you drooling over the intricacies of the process, and swearing off common cups of coffee for the rest of your caffeine-addled life.



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