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What’s one of the many perks of summer drawing nearer and nearer (like the impending doom-and-perhaps-fire-filled end of the earth)? ICE CREAM!

That’s a joke of course, because although ice cream is super tantalizingly tasty during the summer, it also makes the perfect snackaroo in the fall, spring and even in the wintriest of winters, as J.P. Lickers and Hood buyers have successfully proven.

“In the H0od” jokes aside, New England’s leading dairy brand Hood, HQed in Lynnfield,

is introducing new ice cream flavors and products to get Bostonians and New Englanders in general even more pumped full o’ excitement and calcium.

New flavors include additions to their Hood Classic line, Peanut Butter Cup and Butter Pecan flavors, and ice cream sandwiches such as Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches (¿Porque no los dos?) and Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches.

I hope my New York heritage doesn’t attract any bitchy complaints because of this statement, but I am even more excited for the new New England Creamery and Red Sox Novelties that Hood has introduced. (Yankee fan! Faker! See: Kenny Powers.) The New England-inspired flavors are Down East Double Fudge Brownie, Colonial Chocolate Almond, Mt. Washington Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Limited Edition White Gold. Perhaps most saliva sparking of all, their Limited Edition Whoopie Pie flavor features chocolate and crème flavored ice cream swirled with cake pieces, available starting in June.

Red Sox novelties include Chocolate Dipped Sundae Cones and a Chocolate Dipped Sundae Cones with Fudge Centers. Now Red Sox (and not-so Red Sox) fans can cone on the go.

I know this scoop (OMG so funny) must be overwhelming for many of you. I will give you a moment to relax before the next sentence.

Whoaaaa. So relaxed. Crashing turquoise waves…floating sparkling glitter…furry cats cuddling…SNAPS AWAKE. Anyways, I will (hopefully) be taste testing some of these new products in the nearby future.

I care not if you are jealous, just as long as you stayed tuned.

Image from Hood’s website.


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