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Tip Tap Room

Poe brings his (wild) game to Beacon Hill.

What did the Yak say to the Ostrich? Absolutely nothing, because I ate them both.

Beacon Hill’s an unsuspecting neighborhood for a hip, unpretentious, wild game, and beer joint, but that’s just what Chef Brian Poe has created at the Tip Tap Room—a place to nibble on ostrich and yak with a craft brew in hand.

Poe, of Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, keeps it simple with a one-page, double-sided menu offering up exotic meat tip choices and craft beer options. The restaurant does double duty serving as both a happy hour safe haven for post-work young professionals and a more intimate dining experience. I was impressed immediately with the openness of the restaurant. An open kitchen, exposed ceilings, and wooden floors create a welcoming space for rubbing elbows with fellow beer ‘n’ meat enthusiasts.

Chomping at the bit for an after work adult beverage, I was pleased with the 36 craft beers on draft. I perused the meat specials of the day written in chalk above me, where the Tip Tap Room offers you the chance to get gastronomically adventurous in the form of their signature “wild game of the day.” The yak and ostrich meat were both tender and definitely did not taste like chicken. Or even cow.

Not feeling up for thrill seeking that evening? Not to worry, as the menu provides other more traditional, but still mouth watering meat tip options ($12-$17), like swordfish, turkey, and steak. Not a carnivore? Don’t fret: you can nibble on meatless salads ($6-$10) and appetizers ($9-$13) like the grilled wild mushrooms. If you’re like me, and find that salads never quite quell the hunger pains, go ahead and order another Heavy Seas Loose Canon IPA—it’s rare to find this gem on tap in the Boston area.

With impeccable service, and what appeared to be a “model lookalike” employment requirement, the dining experience was pleasant and relaxed. Given the close proximity to the State House, there is a corner of the restaurant dedicated to Mayor Menino and friends, as if to say “you’re definitely not in Camberville anymore.”

If you’re just passing through after work and want to take full advantage of some tasty brews and small plates, go ahead and do yourself a favor in the form of the Fig appetizer.

I tend to shy away from describing foods akin to explicit things happening in my mouth, but holy hell, the cheese-stuffed fig wrapped in Pancetta did the trick.

As if to top off just how approachable Poe’s menu really is, I got down and dirty with some good ol’ fashioned beer cheese. When I asked my lovely server what exactly was in this magical sauce, besides crack, we were informed that it was merely PBR and Velveeta cheese melted together.

There you have it folks. If exotic meat town wasn’t enough of a pull, head on down to Tip Tap Room to keep yourself humble over beer cheese and Mayor Menino’s face painted on a wall.



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