Food and Drinks 



Sweet Cheeks
Tiffani Faison’s beloved BBQ shack of shacks–just a stone’s throw from Fenway Park–has fans ranging from Forbes Magazine (who claimed the southern-style biscuits here were the best in the world), to Kanye and Jay-Z. Give their brisket a try with some moonshine and a PBR and you’ll see why.
[1381 Boylston St., 617.266.1300, @sweetcheekQ,]

RUNNER UP: Redbones
[55 Chester St., Somerville, 617.628.2200, @Redbones,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Dalton Patton 

Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen
An honest-to-goodness corner-situated jazz bar and soul food emporium (read: beer-battered catfish, fried chicken and waffles), the legendary old Bob the Chef’s space continues to be a go-to South End haven for long nights filled with improvised solos and tangy collard greens. Which are a natural pairing.
[604 Columbus Ave., 617.536.1100, @DarrylsBoston,]

RUNNER UP: Hen House
[1033 Mass Ave., 617.442.9464, @HenHouseBoston,]


Taberna de Haro
The Green Line: bane of man’s existence. But riders of the C line know just a few steps off the St. Mary’s stop is a perfect little slice of Madrid where Cava flows from above into your mouth (it’s a Spanish thing), and killer authentic tapas fill your belly courtesy of chef-owner Deborah Hansen. Miss the Gambas al ajillo at your own peril.
[999 Beacon St, Brookline, 617.277.8272, @TabernadeHaro,]

[1704 Washington St., 617.536.4300, @ToroRestaurant,]

DT_Celeb_Slaine_McGreevysSPORTS BAR

The North Star (Hockey)
[222 Friend St., 617-723-3222, @NorthStarBoston,]

Cask ‘n Flagon (Baseball)
[62 Brookline Ave., 617-536-4840, @CasknFlagon,]

McGreevy’s (Soccer)
[911 Boylston St., 617-262-0911, @McGreevys,]

The Four’s (Basketball)
[166 Canal St., 617-720-4455, @TheFoursBar,]

Game On (Football)
[82 Lansdowne St., 617-351-7001, @GameOnFenway,]

In a city that unquestionably boasts the best sports franchises in America–from the field, to the court, to the ice–it’s logical for Boston to also claim the finest bars to go along with the ensuing revelry that comes with championship status. With that said, among them all, are exceptional places to watch certain types of games and matches, and these are those. The North Star and The Four’s are close to the Celtics and Bruins, while the Cask is a foul ball away from Fenway. Game On and McGreevy’s are miles from Gillette Stadium, but when they they’re stuffed with football and soccer fans, it’s like you’re right up in the arena, at least noise-wise.


Tasty Burger
Proof that pointing to a dilapidated old Mobil station rotting in the shadow of Fenway Park and saying “burgers…right there” can yield fantastic results, Tasty Burger and its Pulp Fiction references (see: Samuel L. Jackson artwork, Big Kahuna burgers) can obliterate a hangover with one order of their Sack of 5 Burgers.
[1301 Boylston St., 617.425.4444, @TastyBurgerUSA,]

RUNNER UP: Griddlers
[204 Cambridge St., 617.973.0480,]


Craigie on Main
All burgers are not created equal. Anyone ever to have crossed paths with Craigie on Main’s twice-cooked iconoclastic example–with its housemade milk bun, eight-ounce grass-fed patty made from three cuts of beef from two different New England farms, two-year aged Cheddar, and bone marrow–will absolutely confirm this.
[853 Main St., Cambridge, 617.497.5511, @craigieonmain,]

RUNNER UP: R.F. O’Sullivans
[282 Beacon St., Somerville, 617.492.7773,]


Mike’s City Diner
If the huge portions, throwback ’50s-style swivel stools, and gleaming red, white, and black tile work isn’t enough to make this a staple for those seeking solace after a long night of bad decisions (or, you know, just going to work), the insane house-made corned-beef hash seals the deal. Note: The hash may or may not be cooked in unicorn tears.
[1714 Washington St., 617.267.9393,]

RUNNER UP: Robinwood Cafe
[536 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617.524.7575,]


El Pelon
After surviving the utter destruction of a block-burning fire which destroyed the old restaurant row behind Fenway, El Pelon made sure to quickly bounce back, and a couple years later they are still slinging the most seriously delicious, fresh, and outrageously filling burritos this side of Guadalajara. Bonus: dynamite fish tacos.
[2197 Comm Ave., Brighton, 617.779.9090, @ElPelonTaqueria,]

RUNNER UP: Boca Grande
[366 Washington St., Brighton, 617.782.9600,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Dalton Patton

Fogo de Chao
When it comes to absolutely, positively overdosing on nitrates, accept no substitutes for a night spent at a Brazilian churrascaria. And this 300-seat haven of endless salad, high-end spirit carts, and never ending, perfectly seared filet mignon, lamb, and pork ribs is a proper cathedral to genuflect before the meat gods in.
[200 Dartmouth St., 617585.6300,]

RUNNER UP: Gauchao Brazilian Cuisine
[102 Broadway, Somerville, 617.625.6100]


Lone Star
Brunch means different things to different people. For some, it means breakfast. Others, tacos. You … both. Spend one weekend morning (by way of noon, of course) feeling life surge back into your veins because of Lone Star’s scrambled egg breakfast tacos and jalepeno corncakes, and you won’t care either way. Because tacos.
[479 Cambridge St., 617.782.8226, @LoneStarTacoBar,]

[1525 Washington St., 617.247.7747, @StellaBoston,]


East Coast Grill
Bloody Mary. That devilish queen. She rules on high over her minions seeking hair of the dog. Vodka. Accoutrement of various different forms (think: herbs and citrus juices). Ideally all found spread gloriously across one single DIY bloody bar intent on getting you back to stasis. So you can get then drunk all over again.
[1271 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617.491.6568,]

RUNNER UP: Canary Square
[435 S Huntington Ave., Jamaica Plain, 617.524.2500, @CanarySquareJP,]


PJ Ryan’s
Anyplace that presents one with the feeling of being in old Somerville via rowdy clientele, impromptu sessions of songs sung amongst disparate sons of Ireland, and obligatory nights drinking Guinness far too quickly with far too many strangers we’re a fan of. Add killer bangers and mash, fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie, and … PJ Ryan’s.
[239 Holland St., Somerville, 617.625.8200,]

RUNNER UP: J.J. Foley’s
[117 E. Berkeley St, 617.728.9101, @JJFoleysCafe,]

Philip Aviles’ somewhat subterranean Latin-inspired South End spot has been pulling in weary citizens looking for a blast of Spanish stucco and cast iron-accented energy with their half-priced bar apps and incredible brunch for some time now. And every time we go, it gets harder to remembering exactly why we need to leave.
[439 Tremont St., 617.338.8884, @masaboston,]

RUNNER UP: Vejigantes
[57 West Dedham St., 617.247.9249, @VejigantesRest,]


Brown Sugar
Thai comes in many forms. But it’s hard not to fall in love with a reliable and affordable haven of Pad Thai and other Pan-Asian wonderment that makes as much a wild spectacle for someone’s birthday as they do creating various aromatic, textured classic and inventive dishes. Which is why we love it. Carry on.
[1033 Comm Ave., 617.787.4242,]

RUNNER UP: My Thai Vegan Cafe
[3 Beach St., 2nd flr., 617.451.2395]


Zocalo Back Bay
Unlimited mimosas on weekends and table-side guacamole. Tequila. A posh Back Bay locale in a tucked away nook on the border of the South End. These are things you care about. You also care about where to find all these things in one place. And where to find Mexican lasagna. Yes, Mexican lasagna. It’s all here is what we’re saying.
[35 Stanhope St., 617.456.7849, @ZocaloBackBay,]

RUNNER UP: Papagayo
[283 Summer St., 617.423.1000, @PapagayoBOS,]


Lala Rokh
Navigating the ferociously steep hills stretching from Charles Street up to the State House requires a keen talent. Or maybe just slow-braised beef dishes loaded with the kind of exotic spices found here amidst salted butter-yellow walls surrounding you during outings to Lala Rokh’s deceptively spacious Beacon Hill digs.
[97 Mt Vernon St., 617.720.5511,@LalaRokhBoston,]

RUNNER UP: Tangierino
[83 Main St., Charlestown, 617.242.6009, @Tangierino,]


Red Lantern
It’s big. It’s sexy. It’s also a serious foodie destination for anyone looking for ringside seats facing grand metal woks firing up all manner of authentic Asian street noodles, all while indulging in swimming pool-sized Scorpion Bowls, beautiful people-watching, and arguably the best Hot and Sour soup in the land.
[39 Stanhope St., 617.262.3900, @redlanternbos,]

RUNNER UP: Shanghai Social Club
[1277 Comm Ave., 617.208.8909,]


Gourmet Dumpling House
Sure, heading to this Chinatown late-night standard for alcohol-absorbing pork dumplings is bound to result in waiting in a few lines for a seat at a cramped table to devour what you crossed the threshold for. As someone has probably said at some point: “dumplings cause happiness.” Just go with it.
[52 Beach St., 617.338.6223]

RUNNER UP: Patty Chen’s Dumpling House
[907 Main St., Cambridge, 617.491.6616,]


Ghazal Fine Indian Cuisine
When the craving for fresh, garlic-loaded Naan bread and the other tofu and/or lamb-based brown and orange spicy foodstuffs you can never remember the names of, the last thing you want to be faced with is ordering said items from an unsure source. Luckily, with Ghazal, it’s all glorious.
[711 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617.522.9500,]

RUNNER UP: Kashmir
[279 Newbury St., 617.536.1695, @KASHMIRBOSTON,]


You love the Mediterranean–Greece, Albania, the Aegean Sea, all of it. And, its food. Problem: it’s really far away. Solution: stepping into this Back Bay staple for everything from simple, minimalist dishes (watermelon and feta, fresh hummus) to some impressive regional wines out of the aforementioned region.
[545 Boylston St., Arlington, 617.638.9699, @VloraBoston,]

RUNNER UP: Garlic n’ Lemons
[133 Harvard Ave., Allston, 617.783.8100,]

Be it standing in line with the North End crowds or avoiding them via their South End outpost, Giacomo’s has long been a favorite go-to house of Italian cuisine worship. If not for the homey and “everyone is family” atmosphere, than for the butternut squash ravioli with prosciutto and asparagus.
[355 Hanover St., 617.523.9026,]

RUNNER UP: Sorellina
[1 Huntington Ave., Boston. 617.412.4600, @Sorellina,]


Blue Dragon
Ming Tsai’s 80-seat Japanese gastropub addition to the Fort Point food scene was a welcome one, and once you step inside and land a table (which can be challenging, for good reason) it takes a single bite of the Sake Foie Gras Terrine or Crispy Pork Tail with Mango Sticky Rice to realize everything is going to be okay.
[324 A St., 617.338.8585, @bluedragonbos,]

[9 East St., 617.654.9900,]


Thelonious Monkfish
It’s difficult not to love a sushi joint that balances traditional excellent cuts of tuna and fresh sea urchin with wildly creative 10-piece specialty rolls using everything from white tuna to crushed pineapple. Plus they do wok-roasted balsamic-glazed shiitake mushrooms. Extra points for live jazz, too, because jazz and raw fish go surprisingly well together.
[524 Mass Ave., Cambridge, 617.441.2116, @tsmonkfish,]

[1166 Washington St., 617.482.8868, @OishiiBoston,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: courtesy Thelonious Monkfish

Yume Wo Katare
Fact: eating here will involve waiting in long lines. Another fact: the place is small, and you don’t take leftovers home. Final fact: your first sampling of their rich and pork-fatty broth bathing a batch of astoundingly good housemade noodles will suddenly make braving a cold line of 50-plus people seem totally worth it.
[1923 Mass Ave., Cambridge, 617.714.4008,]

RUNNER UP: Myers + Chang
[1145 Washington St., 617.542.5200, @myersandchang,]


It seems almost counterintuitive to love going out for Korean BBQ, considering you’re still doing the cooking. Nevertheless, when it comes to slow-grilling pure Angus beef aged 21 days in a dark and sexy date-ready booth, or with a group in the wood-ensconced private noshing dojo out back, this newcomer does it right.
[1002 Beacon St., Brookline, 617.264.6190,]

[1366 Beacon St., Brookline, 617.738.2244,]


Ah, the French bistro. Good for the second date, as well as a dinner with your old and stodgy family members. Or, just when you want a meaty bottle of red to go with some chicken liver mousse and bacon-wrapped Monkfish in a charmer of a place combining traditional and contemporary French cooking techniques. That’s this. Magic. Bon appetit.
[569 Tremont St., 617.424.8577, @AquitaineBoston,]

RUNNER UP: Beacon Hill Bistro
[25 Charles St., 617.723.7575, @Beaconhillhotel,]


Abe & Louie’s
Respect your elders. Especially when referring to the old guard of steakhouses peppering our fair city, and Abe and Louie’s continues to be ground zero for the power lunch and cougar crowd, or anyone looking for 12 different prime cuts of beef always aged six weeks on the bone. Don’t miss their lobster Benedict.
[793 Boylston St., 617.536.6300, @AbeandLouiesBos,]

RUNNER UP: OAK Long Bar + Kitchen
[138 St James Ave., 617.585.7222, @OakLBK,]


Boston Chops
You don’t get much better on the new school steakhouse scene than this Chris Coombs’ (Deuxave, dBar) standout in the South End. Between the insane baked potato, dark wood and leather-y opulence of the interior, and dishes with succulent beef cheeks that disintegrate on the tongue, the old guard better watch out.
[1375 Washington St., 617.227.5011, @BostonChops,]

[15 Beacon St., 617.670.2515, @MoooRestaurant,]


Veggie Galaxy
Sure, it looks like a cross between the diner in Back to the Future and a set piece from Saved by the Bell–but that’s part of the draw here. As is the fresh and novel take on boring veggie standards (see: housemade Seitan cutlets), along with a range of vegan baked goods and frappes. Yes. Vegan frappes.
[450 Mass Ave., Cambridge, 617.497.1513, @VeggieGalaxy,]

RUNNER UP: Clover Food Lab
[1075 Cambridge St., Cambridge, @cloverfoodlab,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Imara Chew

Bukowski Tavern
Naming a place after the poet-laureate of drunks and miscreants and not having a killer suds selection would be an exercise in false economy. Which explains why the rotating bottles lineup for craft and hard-to-find beers warms our hearts as much as our livers every time we grab our favorite stool and get down to serious drinking here.
[50 Dalton St., 617.437.9999, @bukowskiboston,]

RUNNER UP: Deep Ellum
[477 Cambridge St., Allston, 617.787.2337, @EllumBarBoston,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Imara Chew

Lord Hobo
In spite of naming their establishment in honor of what we assume is the king of all vagrants, this Inman Square staple of overflowing pints and barroom banter takes the cake. Over 40 rotating taps of Dunkelweiss this and hoppy Belgian that abound, with bartenders who seem to have a PhD in beer. Our kind of doctorate.
[92 Hampshire St., Cambridge, 617.250.8454, @lordhobo,]

RUNNER UP: Stoddard’s Food and Ale
[48 Temple Pl., 617.426.0048, @StoddardsPub,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Imara Chew

Stoddard’s Food and Ale
If there’s one thing that goes perfectly with a wooden board of charcuterie (which Stoddard’s does very well), it’s a pint of freshly tapped cask ale. So it makes sense that whether they have a fresh barrel of local deliciousness or just a fine crisp German lager to go with your pate and mustard, going cask here is where the action is. Or something. Beer.
[48 Temple Pl., 617.426.0048, @StoddardsPub,]

RUNNER UP: Redbones
[55 Chester St., Somerville, 617.628.2200, @Redbones,]


Cambridge Brewing Company
When you’re walking-distance from MIT and have a reputation of pairing dynamite house brews with American fare to the glee of all who step through your doorway, its important to always deliver. And this Kendall Square amber, porter, and pale-ale haven of American beer-done-right continues to do just that.
[1 Kendall Sq. #100, Cambridge, 617.494.1994, @CambridgeBrewer,]

RUNNER UP: Local 149
[149 P St., 617.269.0900, @Local_149,]

Publick House
In a town rife with beer-centric bars, it takes a certain skill set to differentiate yourself by way of diverse picks for international suds. The Publick House regularly has options that make the novice cock an eyebrow and the expert squeal like a 15-year-old girl in pigtails. Especially in the bottle. Good things cross the seas in bottles.
[1648 Beacon St., Brookline, 617.277.2880, @thepublickhouse,]

RUNNER UP: Olde Magoun’s Saloon
[518 Medford St., Somerville, 617.776.2600, @magounssaloon,]


The Hawthorne
Bar deity and well-groomed cocktail maestro Jackson Cannon’s subterranean chamber of wet posh-ery continues to be everything to everyone. Living room cocktail hour with the ladies? That. Pre or post-dinner sipper with the guys (ask for the rye-heavy “fresco”)? That too. Overall den of elegant iniquity? Oh yes.
[500A Comm Ave., 617.532.9150, @Bar500A,]

RUNNER UP: Tavern Road
[343 Congress St., 617.790.0808, @TavernRoad,]


Biddy Early’s
Saturated in the smell of stale beer and lost games of darts, Biddy Early’s is unfailing in the art of being  the chosen downtown dive bar for the after-work and before-breakfast crowds alike. The food is above average for its species, the staff too. If all that wasn’t enough–it was the only bar that stayed open during the post-marathon lockdown. Exactly.
[141 Pearl St., 617.654.9944]

[222 Tremont St., 617.482.9182, @TamBoston]


Sports. Cheap drinks. Flatscreen TVs in all directions. The pitter-patter of freshly of-age drinkers galloping around while loudly ordering cocktails that only the college sect endure (see: Long Island Iced Tea). This is the defining strand of DNA comprising the college bar. And this one has all that. And tons of college kiddies.
[356 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton, 617.713.0555, @RoggiesBar,]

RUNNER UP: Daisy Buchanan’s
[240 A Newbury St., 617.247.8516, @DaisysBoston,]


You know the feeling. The feeling you get when sauntering into a neighborhood independent coffee shop for a quick cup of joe, and then seeing plush leather booths, reclaimed wood, artsy-meets-rustic décor, and a hip staff slinging creative javas. It’s the feeling that barks “maybe just sit down, just for a second.” Bring a book.
[1096 Boylston St., 617.236.1500, @pavementcoffee,]

RUNNER UP: Diesel Cafe
[257 Elm St., Somerville, 617.629.8717, @diesel_cafe,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Imara Chew

Amsterdam Falafel Shop
Ask anyone who has ever weathered a storm of fiscal insolvency who also lived near or was within walking distance to a killer falafel spot, and they will tell you this: falafels save lives. And Amsterdam Falafel Shop’s satisfying fried chickpea balls slathered in hummus and that spicy red sauce you love never fails to save one more.
[248 Elm St., Somerville, 617.764.3334, @amsterdamBoston,]

RUNNER UP: Moody’s Falafel Palace
[25 Central Sq. Cambridge, 617.864.0827,]


Michael Leviton and Michael Krupp unleashed Area Four Bakery and Cafe upon Kendall Square, and followed that up with a badass food truck brandishing neon colors and black and white camouflage (as well as rich coffee and fresh-carved prosciutto flatbread fold-over sandwiches). It’s safe to say they are on your side in general.

RUNNER UP: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Franklin Cafe
Just as Prince is considered a “musician’s musicians,” Franklin Cafe is the restaurant worker’s restaurant. On any given night at either the South End or Southie locations of this favorite haunt of the night people, you’re bound to find those in-the-know folks who know where to go for killer eats and friendly faces during the hour of the wolf.
[278 Shawmut Ave., 617.350.0010, @FranklinCafe,]

RUNNER UP: South St. Diner
[178 Kneeland St., 617.350.0028, @southstreetdine,]


Kirkland Tap and Trotter
Craigie on Main’s Tony Maws’ first non-Craigie restaurant debuted to great fanfare just a few months ago, and for good reason. The rustic and utterly charming surroundings of old-timey soda fountains, dark misshapen wood beams, and the fact you can get outstanding housemade sausages, entire racks of pork ribs, or hip-to-hoof legs of lamb doesn’t hurt either. You’re known to be a leg person.
[425 Washington St., Somerville, 857.259.6585,]

RUNNER UP: Russell House Tavern
[14 John F. Kennedy St., Cambridge. 617.500.3055, @RussellHouseTav,]

DT_Celeb_Potylo_JPLicksHOTEL BAR
Rum. Chosen libation of pirates and Hunter S. Thompson during his Puerto Rico years alike. And when the rum craving wells up from within, there are few more cherished spreads in town to hit than the selection at RumBa poured over ice, or via their range of deceptively easy-to-drink concoctions. Especially in the good weather when the outdoor bar and views of the channel are both at their peak.
[510 Atlantic Ave., 617.747.1000,]

RUNNER UP: Boxer & Finch
[107 Merrimac St., 617.624.0202, @TheBoxerBoston,]


JP Licks
Behind the eyes of that affable, smiling cartoon cow bestowed upon the outside of every J.P. Licks in the area is a larger story. One of maniacally good homemade ice cream, frozen yogurts, and even a range of cakes and pies. But their ice cream is the stuff of yesteryear glory, when simple, never fail local ice cream was just that.
[659 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617.524.6740, @jplicks,]

RUNNER UP: Christina’s Homemade
[1255 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617.492.7021,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Imara Chew 

Joanne Chang’s entrance onto the bakery scene was some time ago, yet her iconic staple of stomach-busting scones and gourmet lunch sandwiches are offset only by the coffee snob’s coffee being doled out at all hours of the day to a sexy clientele of locals and even tourist fans. Holiday gift idea: her cookbook, for your mom.
[1595 Washington St., 617.267.4300,]

RUNNER UP: Fiore’s
[55 South St., Jamaica Plain, 617.524.9200, @FioresBakery,]


City Feed
If Willy Wonka ever shifted gears from being the sweet-tooth’d soothsayer he’s known to be, and instead focused on local and organic produce, regional artisanal cheeses, a respectable cross section of craft beers and small production wines, and even a hell of a breakfast and lunch sandwich menu … well, he’d probably have opened up City Feed.
[672 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617.524.1700,]

RUNNER UP: Harvest Market
[57 South St., Jamaica Plain. 617.524.1667,]

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9Photo credit: Mona Maruyama

Eagle’s Deli
You don’t need us telling you why Eagle’s Deli continues to be the darling deli of the proletariat and 1 percent alike. But if you do, just recall the massive portions, the classic vibe by way of sizzling burgers hulking on a plate, and, of course, the famous burger challenge.  It’s also a favorite son of everyone from Rachel Ray to the Travel Channel. So there.
[1918 Beacon St., 617.731.3232,]

RUNNER UP: Sam LaGrassa’s
[44 Province St., 617.357.6861, @Lagrassas,]


Island Creek Oyster Bar
The only Island Creek Oyster Bar of the relatively young Duxbury mollusk farm, everything here moves the needle. Thousands of oyster shells as decoration, the wood palates, a modern-meets-rustic energy … it’s the best place in Kenmore to grab a several dozen monster oysters, maybe some ceviche and jumbo shrimp, and something from the outstanding bar program before a game. Awesome.
[500 Comm Ave., 617-532-5300, @ICOBar,]

RUNNER UP: Citizen Public House
[1310 Boylston St., 617.450.9000, @CitizenPub,]


Ernesto’s Pizza
Try and find a spot in town for a slice of pie that is at once so hole-in-the-wall-y and so classic Boston that better fits the bill than our beloved Ernesto’s. A couple of bucks gets you slices you could parachute with in the right wind conditions, and there is a hilarious string of stereotypical pictures of DeNiro and Pacino and Tony Bennett everywhere. As there should be in a pizza joint.
[69 Salem St., 617.523.1373, @ErnestosBoston,]

RUNNER UP: La Befana Pizzeria
[15 N. Beacon St., Allston, 617.987.0086, @labefanapizza,]


The Pallotta sisters have become the favorite of Boston Celtics superstars, a few Wahlbergs, and fellow North End lifers seeking simple, fresh artisanal pizza just like mama used to make. That was the old Nebo. Well, good thing their mom still cooks in the new Greenway locale, which is big, bold, beautiful, and Italian. Just like their pizzas.
[520 Atlantic Ave., 617.723.6326, @2sistersnebo,]

RUNNER UP: Pizzeria Posto
[187 Elm St., Somerville, 617.625.0600, @PizzeriaPosto,]


Legal Harborside
This now-flagship Liberty Wharf location of the Boston staple is where Legal Harborside casts a long shadow over other Legal locations thanks to a unique vibe (casual, upscale, party), all the as-usual freshness from the sea, and a third floor bar with a retractable roof offering some of the best harbor views to be found while knocking back whiskey and seafood.
[270 Northern Ave., 617.477.2900, @legalseafoods,]

RUNNER UP: No Name Restaurant
[15 Fish Pier St. W., 617.423.2705,]



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