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side note: check out Kimberly Wong, a humble med student who illustrates beautifully for Stacked Donuts and Trademark Tarts. @medsketches

side note: check out Kimberly Wong, a humble med student who illustrates beautifully for Stacked Donuts and Trademark Tarts. @medsketches

If you love sweets, you must start following Stephanie Cmar on Instagram. Mostly because every weekend you will be cordially invited to attend this Top Chef contestant and ex-No.9 Park chef’s donut pop-up. Stephanie’s Stacked Donuts have been popping up around town for the past six weeks on weekend mornings at establishments such as The Butcher Shop, The Commonwealth, and The Salty Pig. Unfortunately for me, and my college student sleeping scheduling, I can not wake up in time to catch these fast-selling donuts, so I had only been tempted in pictures. Thankfully, Fairsted Kitchen invited Stacked Donuts and friend, Trademark Tarts, to pop up at 10 PM on April 7th. The late night atmosphere inspired an alcoholic theme: boozy donuts and shot tarts. Lucky for all you night owls who also happen to be hungry (all of you), the partnership between Stacked Donuts, Trademark Tarts, and Fairsted Kitchen shall continue the first Monday of every month! Here’s why you need to go…

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 2.21.52 PMMy friend and I arrived early because we were not willing to discover what would happen if the donuts sold out and our desire was not filled. A crowd, average age of 30 (note: I am really bad at estimating) and all people I wanted to be friends with, had already gathered at the bar. We chose to sit down at an intimate two person table. Literally, Fairsted Kitchen has the best mood lighting in the world. I bought my own sweets and drank free water, but this was the most romantic date I have ever been on.

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While waiting for the treats to come fill the empty antique platters, the drink menu was open for service. Fairsted Kitchen even supplied a list of cocktail suggestions to pair with each donut or pop-tart. How brilliant and especially necessary when the donuts and pop-tarts are themselves boozy? One concoction called the “Transistor Radio,” consisting of Lacuesta Vermouth, Laird’s Apple Brandy and Orange Bitters, was to be paired with the Manhattan Pop-Tart. Each of these suggested drinks was $7, which us poor college kids approved of.

donutcollageStephanie has delivered unique donut flavors week-after-week. I’ll name a few just to make your mouth water: bacon mocha, lemongrass, lucky charms, maple crumble, etc. This week we were fortunate enough to have the choice between mojito and piña colada. Obviously, I got both. Stephanie said she used a bottle of alcohol per batch and like the true champion she is, used the bottle to roll the dough. $3 each.

Stephanie’s friend, Justin Burke-Samson, makes homemade pop-tarts and for the last month Stacked Donuts and Trademark Tarts have been a packaged deal. Delivering unbelievable flavors, such as caramel apple, s’mores, double chocolate, and lemon raspberry, it is no surprise that these treats are selling quickly along side Stephanie’s donuts. For the boozy theme, Justin offered a manhattan shot-tart and an applejack shot-tart. Once again, I got both. Duh. I overheard him say that the applejack was his favorite. (It was mine too.) $3 each.

Needless to say, my friend and I are very excited to come back next month. We need our sweet fix and need to become best friends with Stephanie. How could we not; her favorite thing about baking? “Glazing and drinking. My mother would be so proud.”

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[1704 Beacon St, Brookline, MA. First Monday of every month. @StackedDonuts @trademarktarts @fairstedkitchen]


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