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In one way or another, NASCAR owes its formation to the moonshine runners of yesteryear. The history suggests that back then, land-pirates would Dukes of Hazzard it across Southern state lines with trunks stocked with white lightning, always on the precipice of going off like a powder keg if the thrill-seeking outlaw hit a bump. Or got just shot up by the coppers.

And now that honky-tonk temple Loretta’s Last Call has finally opened up just a stone’s throw from Fenway Park, tossing some back doesn’t necessarily require you upending a clay jug filled with something akin to dragon spit. Loretta’s has opened with a baker’s dozen at the ready, and General Manger Erica Dorsey says selection was everything.

“We spent a lot of time trying to find different shines for different tastes,” she said. “Like the Georgia Moon Apple Pie … You don’t see a lot of this around, and it’s great for summer.”

The breezy selection, from Georgia Moon Fruit Jar to South House Southern Moonshine, is brightly employed in their cocktails. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth and want something that starts and finishes a lot like a Scorpion Bowl, go for the Moonshine Cherry Blush (and prepare for a sugar headache if going for volume consumption). However if you’re looking for the most bang, call for a Full Moon with blackberry, peach, and strawberry moonshines topped off with sour mix (call it the shiner’s Long Island Ice Tea).

“So far that’s been the most popular,” Dorsey laughs. “It’s got the most shine.”

They’re also ready to dole out some diesel fuel like the Midnight Moon Blueberry Shine, a 100-proof knockout punch. Patrons are only allowed one cocktail mixed with the stuff given the high-octane, which can turn even the most subdued human into a snarling werewolf.

And everybody knows not to mix country music and village horror monsters.

If not, they should.



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  1. Billy R Billy R says:

    That Georgia Moon Apple Pie sounds awful good, looks like the place to go after a day at Fenway Park.