Pauly Shore’s Paulytics: Still Freakin’

The news was out last month that Pauly Shore was lost in the midst of the Congo, but the hows and whys were never really explained. He was found days later near the Zaire River naked, covered in honey, hot-sauce, flour, coffee-grounds, and empty sardine cans—hogtied with duct tape with a look of fear in his eyes.

Now a month later, he is well rested and is hitting the road in pursuit of good, bad and ugly Americans and his own political identity for an upcoming Showtime special, Paulytics. The show will air just in time for the political rapture … better known as the 2012 Presidential Election. Last week, via phone,  Pauly discussed his tour, his political agenda, and his thoughts on fraternity pledging and bodily fluids.

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Hey man, before I get into anything, what is this shit I heard about you getting lost in the Congo?
Me and the director got into a fight, and … just took off dude. You know how it is, man, right?

Yeah, but those are some treacherous conditions, man. There’s Silverback apes and terrorists everywhere. Not safe.

Pauly Shore is one with all races, all ages, all colors, all creeds.

West Hollywood is like the Congo, man. We got all these creatures running around, you know? It’s a wild jungle man.

Well, regardless,  good to have you back. What brings you to Boston this week?
I’m on tour, dude. I’m preparing for my Showtime special Paulytics: Pauly Shore Goes to  Washington. It’s a fish-out-of-water show. Chaos, right? The more I put myself up against the political establishment the more comedy is going to come out. I guess you wouldn’t associate me with politics but that’s pretty much why I’m doing it, you know what I mean?

Like a comedian on the campaign trail.
Yeah, like on the comedy trail. Exactly. It’s a combination of new material and putting me into political situations.

But yeah, man, it’s going to  be Pauly Shore Spring break ’93 meets Bill Maher, meets Vegas Is My Oyster.

The one thing I’m not pretending to know is politics. I just have an opinion about it. I know probably as much as you know. That’s the beauty of it and that’s why I want to do it. There will be stand-up, and me trying to get into the White House. I’ll be with the lobbyists, the Occupy people, the politicians. I don’t know what the fuck is going to happen. It’s me thrusting myself into that world. That’s it, dude. That’s the show.

What do you hope happens?
I don’t know, bro. It’s like me in Africa, where I’m going to go adopt a black baby. I’m going to go figure it all out.  I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m organizing it now.

Do you even care about politics?
Believe it or not, yeah. I don’t know if has to do with my age, or my interests changed as I got older. But, you know, it’s like a popularity contest. It’s like in high school. Who’s going to be the president of the high school? But with the media and all the coverage, it’s pretty much all that’s out there.

It’s them, the Kardashians, and Jersey Shore.

Is that a concern you have with entertainment media?
Well, not just entertainment media but everyone. You need to be more careful with everything you do and you say because of all these little flip cams, cameras on phones, the tweets, and all that stuff. Now everyone is paparazzi, you know? It’s one of the reasons Eddie Murphy Doesn’t so stand-up anymore. Back in the day you could go stage and say whatever you want to say and it’s not going to get out there, Now, whatever you say, it’ll get out there and may get misconstrued different ways. I think freedom of speech is out the door.

Yeah, but insult comics like Lisa Lampenelli and Jefferey Ross get quite an audience, especially for the roasts. They don’t hold back or watch what they say.
They’re not Eddie Murphy, making 20 million a movie, and they don’t have a lot to lose. Eddie Murphy stars in movies that appeal to children, so he can’t go off and go into a comedy club and do the stuff he did on Raw, or the way that you and I know him. He’ll lose that audience and that will be money out of his pocket. That’s a problem.

I never understood the “downfall’ of your career. You always seemed pretty neutral to me. A comic. That dude. What year was it all of a sudden not cool to like Pauly Shore?
‘97? Around then, maybe ‘98. My stuff was bigger than life and when your stuff is bigger than life, the higher you rise the harder you fall. That’s the nature of the business. Yeah, you’re correct, I continued to work the whole time, but the perception was that I wasn’t finding movies.

Let me ask you, you’ve always had a huge following amongst college students and have gotten  much support.  Last week, five Boston University students were found naked in a basement covered in hot sauce, flour, coffee grounds, honey and empty sardine cans, as part of a fraternity hazing. You’ve partied hard and are no stranger to college scenes, what’s the deal with all that?
I don’t know dude. Like for instance, here at the Comedy Store when you first start out, you have to park cars. As long as no one is getting hurt or no one is going to the hospital. If that happened, then my opinion would not be for that.

I heard this one thing before where they masturbated on the pizza and had to eat it.

They did what on the pizza?

Oh, Jesus Christ.
Yeeeeaahhh… [Laughing]  …you know what I mean? At UCLA, right?  Some dudes will do whatever it takes to get in with brotherhood. yeah.

You can achieve brotherhood other ways without eating a spermed out pizza.
I don’t know. I mean, that’s not what college is. That would be like stopping the system. But, I don’t know, maybe there’s a mellower way, I’m not sure.

Axl Rose apparently  isn’t into the brotherhood thing either. He just told the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to eat a dick, declining their induction of Guns N’ Roses.
Oh, I didn’t hear that. Well, I don’t really want to start commenting on Axl Rose and my thoughts about him because I don’t want him to kick my ass.

That’s the last dude you want after you.


FRI 4.27.12


5 Responses to Pauly Shore’s Paulytics: Still Freakin’

  1. Melanie Peterson Melanie Peterson says:

    Pauly for Preh—esident! Let’s not pretend he isn’t the best option from the pickins we’ve got.

  2. Tony Rome Tony Rome says:

    Your best yet. Great questions. Next time, ask him about Bishop Lovelace.


  4. James James says:

    Ha! “Do you even care about politics?” “What’s the deal with fraternity initiations?” Love it.

  5. Blake Maddux says:

    I would like to ask him a question about “Encino Man”: Why did Sean Astin’s character have so many space heaters? What use does anyone in L.A. have for one of those, let alone half a dozen?