Look at that sushi I ate this weekend. Look at it. THERE ARE MANGO PIECES INVOLVED.

My chick bad.

Serena Williams
Username: serenawilliams
# of Photos: 32
Content: Travel, Tennis, Selfies, Friends, Events
Why Should I:┬áBecause … SHE IS A CHAMPION. And she is so goofy. And I love it.


Username: itsludacris
# of Photos: 280
Content: Caviar topped scrambled eggs, Family, Advertisemnts, Headphones, Being rich
Why Should I: Luda is just that cool uncle you never had, isn’t he? He is.




Please welcome Michael J Demeo as this week’s Boston celeb! Demeo is a Boston-based photographer with a particular knack for gorgeous black and white portraits. His photographs are minimalistic yet entirely striking. In 2009, Demeo Founded No Thoughts Magazine, a photo book that is now published four times a year out of Boston and features some incredible young photographers. For those of you craving to be in the spotlight, No Thoughts is accepting submissions through September 15, 2012. The next issue is music themed, so go on and rifle through those winning rock and roll shots.

Michael J. Demeo
Username: michaeljdemeo
# of Photos: 571
Content: Travel, Art galleries, Boston restaurants, Street Scene, No Thoughts content, Friends
Why Should I: Variety, folks. This Instagram is full of variety, so you never know what you’ll see! Maybe you’ll even see yourself.



  1. Lyssa Goldberg Lyssa Goldberg says:

    Oh wow! Look at the marvelous Insta-pics of travel, Art galleries, Boston restaurants, Street Sce—-IS THAT MANGO?!?