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Younger generations may not get or even want to put up with the humor of comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

She can be crude, bringing audiences into a controversial state of laughter, but her brand of humor is attributed to the hysterical insult comedy reminiscent of the Dean Martin Roasts of the 70′s and early 80′s; that ‘throw you to the lions’ kind of humor amongst friends and colleagues. It’s fun. Who doesn’t like to be picked on anyhow? And why are all those white people offended and the black guy over there is laughing his ass off? Why??!

Insult comedy. It’s got to be one of the most ferocious forms in the comedy game. From the comic-genius of Don Rickles to others currently using that witty, insultive approach to comedy like Jeff Ross, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Anthony Jeselnick. Lisa Lampanelli has been doing stand-up for over 20 years. Her success as a comedian has allowed her to get involved with other mediums. Currently dabbling with acting, she landed a part in David Chase’s new film Not Fade Away. She’ll also be doing a one-woman Broadway show next year, as well as a character voice on the animated comedy The Bounty Hunters, also due out next year.

She’s not gutting herself out from comedy anytime soon, but she did just gut out 80% percent of her stomach with a weight-loss surgery. From her previous weight of 250lbs, she is now fitting into a size 12 and no longer has to lift her stomach up to have sex. We spoke to her about her stomach, her stint as a music journalist, and her signature style of stand-up.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a different process than gastric bypass, correct?
Bypass, I believe they can’t do it arthroscopically. They have to make an incision and then they reroute your intestines and stuff, so this is so much easier and simpler. It’s like, ‘boom’, your stomach is small, you can’t eat much; that’s pretty much the extent of it.

But when it came time to take a shit, I would imagine because your stomach is smaller it would effect the digestion your body was once used to.

Oh my god, man, every time I take a dump, it’s like shitting a Prius.

You can only do one like every 3 weeks because there is so little food in there. It sucks, I got a hemorrhoid from this. That’s what’s funny about all this- my shitty little problems, but being the alternative with all the complications that come with being obese, forget about it, I’ll take it.

Yeah, hemorrhoids are the brunt of a lot of jokes, but for anyone who has ever had one, it’s a bad time.
Yeah,  [husband] Jimmy “BigBalls” was telling me it kept George Brett out of the World Series series one year. His were so bad that he couldn’t play.  Thank god I don’t do sports or I wouldn’t be able to do them now.

It’s a side effect of the surgery, but what are you going to do? There are other surgeries out there that are pretty bizarre. Bagel head surgery?  In Japan I believe.
Is that fucking disgusting or what? Did you see what that looks like?

Yeah. Makes no sense. They look like Klingons. Like a bagel implant in their foreheads. Is that next for you?
Oh No.

Well you look great and you’re back on tour, and you’ll be back in Boston this week. You went to school here, didn’t you?
I was at BC for my first year, and I decided I wanted to major in journalism so I transferred to a school which was pretty well known for that in Syracuse. I love Boston. It seems so clean and nice and everybody is so white and perfect and they all go to college.

I like coming up there, everybody gets insulted equally. Yeah, it’s a very cool place.

As a music journalist, you wrote for some notable magazines. Didn’t you write for a lot of metal magazines during the 80′s and 90′s?  
Well, I worked at Rolling Stone as a researcher’s assistant, then I worked at Hit Parader as a writer and,

yeah, had to interview a bunch of Heavy Metal retards.

Obviously you’re not a music writer anymore. Why do you think you got into that initially? Why did you get out?
I got into it because I loved music- progressive rock. Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull. Those were the guys that were smart and I really liked interviewing them. But then you have these idiots like guys from Slaughter, Cinderella or Bon Jovi. It’s like, ‘Really? Do I have to interview Blackie Lawless from Wasp? I have to interview UFO? Really?’ I guess with the good there comes the bad and I have to do it.

Rush just got inducted into the Hall of Fame, finally.
Good. Finally. I think they’re the best.

Yeah, lots of journalists, listeners alike, throughout the span of their career still can’t get over Geddy’s voice. They’re a great fucking band.
I love them. He’s one of those guys when you interview him, I interviewed him three times. He’s always got something interesting to say, he’s bright. Those are the good ones. Neil Peart too. That’s the man right there.

On Twitter the other day you posted regarding Justin Bieber puking on stage in Arizona “I don’t blame Justin Bieber for puking onstage in Arizona. Hey how the hell do you think these young chicks in showbiz stay so thin???” There was a response from this kid in the Midwest who’s Twitter account is dedicated to Bieber, calling you unintelligent, and mean.
I don’t even read those replies. I could care. Yeah, they say ‘don’t make fun of eating disorders’ I’ve been making fun of eating disorders, cancer, and AIDS for the last 23 years. I’ll make fun of anything. Don’t fucking start with me you little faggot.

There’s no way to convey to some people where your humor is coming from.

But you can’t. You can’t. You don’t bother. You say, move on. Go see Kathy Griffin.

You’ve done plenty of roasts, a signature of your stand-up. Were the Dean Martin roasts a big influence in your brand of humor? That sense of humorous tact seems to be fading. Your one of the last, perhaps?
Well, there’s people like Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, Jeff Ross, and myself, and Sarah Silverman doing that kind of thing. it is kind of old school, but I like that old school atmosphere. Some one will always carry the torch I think.

You’re also working on a one-woman Broadway play with SNL writer, Alan Zweibel. Larry King did one of those last year. He went on tour as a comedy act.
(Laughs) Yeah in 2013.

Let’s put it this way, my review will definitely be funnier than Larry King.


SAT 10.20.12



  1. Must have had a lot of laughs with Lisa. She is one funny lady (if I can call her that). I’m sure she won’t mind. Oh…the interview was good, too!!!

  2. Melanie Peterson Melanie Peterson says:

    “Don’t fucking start with me you little faggot.” I love the way she makes me feel…about myself. A splendid American.

  3. Tony Rome Tony Rome says: