Ah yes, it’s that time of year again: the holiday season. A time that can cause crippling loneliness, family and monetary anxiety, and happiness, if you’re lucky. Depending on how you look at life, or the type of life you’re living, let’s hope there’s at least one thing you can be thankful for this week.

It’s a tradition in the Casey household to go around the table to name at least one thing you’re thankful for and why, or to share a happy memory from the year. Since I won’t be joining my family in Virginia on Thursday, I thought I’d get a little warm and friendly with a Thanksgiving Missadventurous list of things about Boston/Camberville for which I’m thankful. Here it goes:

10. The Esplanade along the Charles-

This scenic route makes me feel like I’m living in Europe. As one of my favorite running routes, it provides a chance to work out my aggravation of attempting to run through Central Square after being hit by someone’s large purse. Beautiful anytime of year, I’m always a little startled at the views of the city, and amount of Bostonians who are out and about enjoying it too.

9. Fifty cent dumpling Tuesdays at Ginger Exchange in Inman Sq-

from website

This has quickly become a Tuesday night tradition that usually involves too much sake. Need I say more?

8. The dogs of Camberville-

An ode to the adorable dogs of this town- large and small (although I prefer a dog larger than I), I want to cuddle and play with all of them. Yes, I  know, owner. I’m not making eye contact or talking to you. Maybe if you were covered in fur.

7. The soy latte from The Thinking Cup

from website

Good lord is this delicious. Sometimes they give you an extra shot just because. Who loves ya, babes?

6. Harvard Book Store

This bookstore is what I’d imagine Hogwarts would be like if it were in Cambridge. I always go in to browse or to check out the next book signing event and then leave with $75 worth of books. Brilliant business model.

5. Massachusetts’ social safety nets- 

We’re talking MassHealth, Boston healthcare for the homeless, one of the largest affordable housing stocks in the country, equal marriage rights, and all the other social pilot programs that go on to become national models. Have you ever stopped to think about how thankful you are to live in a progressive state with smart people?

4. The guy who plays his drums while he’s commuting to work on his bike-

I had the pleasure of actually meeting this guy at a Dig event last week. He’s a representation of an off-beat culture in Camberville for which I’m happy to be a part. Let’s keep things weird, Camberville.

3. The Somerville Theater in Davis Sq.-

I really love the option of drinking a beer while I’m at the movies. Cheers to you guys.

2. Parlor Sports in Inman Sq.-

election night at Parlor Sports

I know, I know. I’m always talking about this bar. But, before Parlor, I never had a neighborhood bar in the truest sense. I spend a lot time and money there, so I figured it appropriate for it to be on my giving thanks list. Plus, hello? Their beer is delicious and their jokes are hilarious.

1. My community-

This includes my friends who have become my family, my coworkers, my neighborhood, and the 83 bus. Without you all, I would be nothing. So here’s to Boston/Camberville in all of its glory.

Happy Thanksgiving from Missadventurous!


A Boston transplant, Liz is an affordable housing advocate by day, writer by night. Sometimes she laughs out loud at words like 'fiduciary.'


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