Bill Bellamy was an MTV VJ in the ’90s and is credited with bringing “booty call” to the masses. So when this guy says his show is crazy, sexy, and dirty, you better take off your modesty belt and get effin’ ready. It’s gonna be a freaky ride.

I know you started as an MTV VJ. What was it like being with crazy, drunk twenty-somethings during spring break?
It was fantastic because it was a moment where pop culture, music, fashion, and entertainment came together and I was in the midst of all that fun. And it was wild. Just imagine spring break or block party-type energy everyday and that’s the kind of energy we put on TV. We used to have the hottest girls just dancing on the hot sand. It was so silly. You’re just sitting there with the camera, the hottest girls in the front, do interviews and the Top Twenty Countdown. We had party music in the background and people screaming.

It was like being at the best house party ever.

Your current show is called Crazy Sexy Dirty. What is the craziest, sexiest, or dirtiest thing you ever tweeted?
I push the envelope on Twitter, but now with people so sensitive about everything you have to read it three times before you hit send. I do say some risqué things about Rihanna or Beyonce. They’re super talented super hot. They’re like the perfect versions of the two chicks I like. Beyonce is the glamorous and elegant diva. Rihanna is the rockstar that gets dirty and puts sexy pictures on Instagram.

If I could combine them and make a Bey-anna, that would be hot.

I think all the guys of the world would just burst into flames.

Going off of that, do you think the Internet and social media has inhibited you as a comedian? That it’s forced you to think about what you’re saying if people bring it up on the Internet?
Things have gone backwards with having the liberty to say what you want to say even as a comedian. Even though on paper we should have the rights to say whatever we want to say, you just have to know if you go too far there could be repercussions. And I’m usually in the pocket with it.

If I say something iffy its gonna be smart and have a perspective, it’s not going to be something callous and ridiculous.

I’m here to make you laugh; I’m not here to offend you. My comedy is not to make you go “Oh my god, why would he say that?” It’s to make you go “Oh, my god that is so funny. I thought of that. I thought the same thing.”

On your Wikipedia page it says you came up with booty call and you talk a lot about relationships in your act. How has talking about that changed for you? Have you evolved from the “booty call” or devolved?
I bring my comedy from the church of who I am. I take my act from life and I make it real. “Crazy, Sexy, Dirty” is an evolution of my stand up. I’ve gotten funnier and more honest and a little dirtier. I was nervous going so hard but I said this time I’ll be me. Be the Bill people haven’t seen before but is 100% authentic.

The meaning behind “Crazy, Sexy, Dirty” is the best night of your life where you have the most fun night you ever had where things got a little crazy, it was somewhat sexy, and things got a little dirty.

The other part of it for me is its three aspects of my personality. The dirty is being raw and honest. The sexy is in the things I talk about most comedians don’t talk about. I’m talking about pleasing a woman. I’m talking about being intimate. I’m talking about stuff people do but no one is brave enough to really address it it. And the crazy is where I’m talking about stuff where you go I cannot believe he said that. Either way you’re stimulated.

That sounds like exactly what Boston needs right now. Are you nervous about playing in the wake of everything that’s happened?
I’m coming to Boston to bring uplifting energy. The city has been through a lot and the people are trying to get back on point. And what better way  to help than to make people laugh and loosen up.

I’m bringing a bunch of love to the city.


FRIDAY 5.3.13
7:30PM/ALL AGES/$25-32


Christine is an editorial intern. She also believes she invented the phrase "fantastical" (she did not).


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