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By now you’ve been carpet bombed by shocked reactions to Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie. Personally, I think that casting choice rang the death toll for superhero movies. (In my best Lady Galadriel voice) “The time of the super beings is over. Who will you look to when they’ve gone?” Hopefully not more movies about wacky weddings, American remakes of popular Asian movies, or masked torture porn. What?

Really? All of them? Fuck.

Back to Affleck as Batman. The way I see it, it’s like when your favorite comic book artist decides to leave a series that you’ve become very attached to. Like when Jim Lee stopped doing the X-Men or when Frank Miller stopped making sense. There’s an adjustment period. You’ll probably keep reading it out of some weird loyalty and, who knows, you may even like the new artist.

The point is nobody knows how this will all turn out.

There have been plenty of movies starring some of my favorite actors that turned out to be utter crap. I already don’t like the idea of a Superman vs. Batman movie but that probably won’t stop me from watching it. Kind of like when Alien vs. Predator came out. Or when the unavoidable cash cow of a JJ Abrams-written Star Wars vs. Star Trek movie comes out.

So quit out of Photoshop and deactivate your Impact font and save the outrage and memes for guaranteed cinematic tragedies that we can all count on (like the live-action Akira movie) and at least wait until you hear more about it to start hating on it. Remember how good Daredevil turned out?


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