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When Mayor Tom Menino was first elected, Twitter wasn’t even a twinkle in its parents’ eyes. These days, it’s hard to imagine a ninth grade class president getting elected without an official hashtag and a barrage of Internet commentary. The #bosmayor hashtag got a workout on Tuesday as our city narrowed down a whopping twelve candidates to just two. If you didn’t vote: SHAME! If you did, congrats! You’ve done your duty as a resident of Boston and a good American.

So relax, take a breather, and check out some of the best tweets from the preliminary elections:

I mean, it’s a fair question. Jordan and Jonathan Knight did, so why shouldn’t we want to know who the other 3/5 of NKOTB are voting for? (For the record, it does not appear that Donnie endorsed any of the candidates.)

Perhaps a little overzealous, but you can’t fault her effort.

The person who lives here would not appreciate the enthusiasm of Kim Janey.

Definitely an approximation of the amount of candidates, although sometimes it does feel like that many.

Personally, I’m not watching too many twerk videos on YouTube (what exactly even is a twerk video?) but I can get behind no longer having to watch repetitive campaign ads. Even though they’ll probably just be replaced with even worse car/make-up/restaurant ads. Remember the good old days, before YouTube even had ads?

Proof that we can half-heartedly apply this nursery-rhyme to literally anything.

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me the “I voted” sticker is a huge incentive, so this sentiment is legit. I voted my first few elections in absentia while I was in New York for college, so I never got one of those. It was rather heartbreaking.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, they’re comparing it to the Pats first Super Bowl? Let’s calm down now. (Just kidding. Obviously politics are more important than sports).

I agree with Joe on all accounts: yes, Mike Ross is a handsome man, but yes, this giant picture of his face outside a precinct is a little creepy. This could be a tactic in more ways than one: maybe his stare is supposed to make you feel guilty for not voting for him? Maybe his looks are supposed to charm you? There are a lot of angles they could be going for here.



Cayce McCabe had a fun time trolling people tweeting about Mike Ross from the USA show Suits, which is actually pretty funny (to someone like me who instinctively thinks many of his campaign signs are just street marketing done by USA, maybe to you too). Out of all the candidates, Ross seems to have the most twitter-savvy supporters, who you can pick out by the “#RossforBos” banners they have at the bottom of their icons.


Because the Internet loves cats, or something.


Jillian Pellegrini was born and raised in the 'burbs of Central Mass. Her interests include tweeting, bad television, and really good guacamole.


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