Local comedian and web celeb Ry Doon is known for his outrageous Vine videos as well as his budding standup career. His commitment to being weird and “doing it for the Vine” has not only helped him become famous online, but 25,000-plus Twitter followers famous.

His dimples may have also helped.

How do you describe your comedic style?
In one word: silly. In three words: silly, bizarre, uncomfortable. From the start, I wanted viewers to wonder what the fuck they were watching. My standup is more honest and real. The real me, or at least I try.

When did you start performing standup and how did your first performance go?
I started doing standup six months ago. My first performance was terrible.

Everything I said was met with silence and I almost cried afterward. Truth.

I redeemed myself the following week by giving Boston comics shit for being so cliquey. They laughed, and I was hooked.

You’re quite the celebrity on Vine. Do people stop you on the streets for pictures or Vine collaborations?
Do I get stopped on the street? Yes–almost every time I go out. It’s been strange getting used to it, but it’s amazing and humbling to be connecting with so many people.

If you see me on the street, come say, ‘Hi!’ I’ll take pics and make vines with anyone who wants.

Where are your favorite places to film vines around Boston?
The more people the better–Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, Fenway. Coolidge Corner in Brookline has some interesting characters as well.

Did you know that your dimples have an Instagram account?
No. Are you serious?

Yes. Hey, you were on BuzzFeed! They described you as “very good at losing [your] shit on the streets of Boston.” Is that accurate?
I saw that. Losing my shit isn’t very accurate but I see what they mean. I’m always very focused and determined when making vines. I drop into character, which can be perceived as losing my shit.

There’s this epidemic on Vine called “Do It for The Vine.” What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done for a video?
Dress as a woman, with a wig and way too much lipstick, in hopes to freak people out. It worked.

Faking an orgasm at McDonald’s is up there, too.

Vine has inspired me to step way outside my comfort zone. I surprise myself with how much fun I have. Be weird, everyone!

You do a mean Jay-Z impression. Why Hova of all people?
Thanks! Not a lot of comedians do Jay-Z–that’s a big reason why I’ve stuck with it. I also just have a knack for it–I can just do it. It’s a lot of fun. I do a pretty good Ira Glass from This American Life, but I’m rarely in front of the right audience.

If only I could gather up some Dig readers at a show!

You joked about one day performing at the legendary Comedy Cellar in NYC, but is that an actual goal of yours? Yes. Hell yes. It’s an iconic club. I’ve had the honor of being a guest on Robert Kelly’s podcast, You Know What Dude? three times so far. It’s taped upstairs at the Cellar. Each time has been a reoccurring dream come true, an absolute honor.

Everyone seems to be penning open letters to each other nowadays. If you could pen an open letter to the entire city of Boston, what would you complain about?

Stop asking the DJ to play Journey. You’re ruining my night.



Jasmine Lopez is an English major at Bunker Hill Community College. She is a professional human being and fangirl who enjoys creating drinking games for Tarantino films and daydreaming about traveling around in the TARDIS. She hopes to some day write a biography that will adequately describe her.