I knew this was coming. I just didn’t want to acknowledge it. The official trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the fourth film in the franchise, is now out and yes, Tom Cruise is back once again, should you choose to accept (or not). Cruise is now officially the new Stallone, refusing to let his most well known franchise to die. Taking over from the production side of things now, Cruise has also teamed up with Bad Robot (Star Trek, Coverfield, Super 8, etc) this time round to try and up the ante once more and resuscitate the series for a third time.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first Mission Impossible. The second one however, quite frankly sucked and the third was decent. But after the travesty that was Knight & Day I expected Cruise quietly bow out of secret agent movies out of courtesy. But no, now we get Cruise and his ragtag team of on-the-run super spies acting as involuntary scape goats for the bombing of the Ruski’s architectural pride and joy, The Kremlin, and I’m guessing figuring out who is really to blame all the while saving the world and performing *ahem* impossible feats.

Although I truly wished the next the next film we’d see staring our favorite little scientologist would be some full feature version of his Les Grossman character of Tropic Thunder fame, I have to say the trailer for MI:4 doesn’t look half bad. My counter-argument being most trailers make movies look good. Although in this film we see Simon Pegg (Sean of the Dead) taking on a more on-screen role and the new addition of Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) to the team, perhaps to pass the torch of starring role, and Paula Patton (Deja Vu) bringing the sexy. Apparently Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST) has some role in here but I suspect he’s one of the baddies.

So, final verdict? *sigh* I’m probably going to watch it. Mainly because I’m a sucker for explosions and the promise of Bad Robot cranking out something of the caliber of their previous films. But after this, Tommy boy, just let it go, please, move on to something else. The last thing we want is to see you all veiny, wrinkly and fat trying to save the world once more. On the other hand that would go great in a Les Grossman movie and think about all that time you’d save in make-up!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol rappels into theaters this Winter and hopefully will retire the series for good, because let’s face it who wants to see this as our future:

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  1. movies movies says:

    I will definitely watch it. I thought Mission Impossible 3 was awesome, So I’m really looking forward to this one.


    Yeah like I said, definitely gonna watch it I just wish 2 and 3 were MORE awesome. With a name like “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” you kind of expect a certain caliber of epicness that I think they failed to deliver on.