Tyra Banks loses her sh*t.

I have an unabashed love of America’s Next Top Model. I might be what you call an ANTMologist, no seriously, if someone at a local University wants to hire me to teach a course on ANTM I swear I’ll make it educational. This current season of America’s Next Top Model (season premiere aired on 9/14) is an All-Stars version, one of those current popular reality television schticks. I have been waiting for this to happen for so long now and I’m actually surprised that it took Tyra so long to get on this game. Tyra brought 14 of the most popular non-winning models (she forgot a few, trust me) to compete.

I was thinking about who she brought back, which led me to think of my favorite photo shoots, my favorite quotes (yes, there are many), and then to my all time favorite America’s Next Top Model moment.

Way back in 2005 after a surprise double elimination (she sent Rebecca and Tiffany home), Tyra became very upset with Tiffany for not taking the competition seriously enough and joking and laughing as she said her goodbyes to the other girls. She called the eliminated girls back so that she “just want to say one more thing” to them, Tyra launched into a lengthy explosive tirade against Tiffany, a former Top Model 3 semifinalist who had made it to the finals of the show’s fourth season.

Here’s a full excerpt of Tyra’s rant. Do you think this is too much for a quote tattoo?

I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this. When my mother yells like this it’s because she loves me. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you! Learn something from this! When you go to bed at night, you lay there and you take responsibility for yourself, because nobody’s going to take responsibility for you. You rolling your eyes and you act like it’s because you’ve heard it all before—you’ve heard it all before—you don’t know where the hell I come from, you have no idea what I’ve been through. But I’m not a victim; I grow from it and I learn. Take responsibility for yourself.

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