8:00 pm: Damn, the double elimination got one of my picks to win (Ethan and Jenna) on Amazing Race (CBS). Oh well, there are a bunch of other teams that I don’t really know or care enough to know their names yet. Except the snowboarder, Andy, and those reasons are private.

9:00 pm: Dexter (SHO) got all WWJD on our asses with the season 6 premiere last week and he did the Hammer dance. Who is this new Dexter? I like him. I also love Colin Hanks’ weird and creepy character. I can already tell this season is going to be on point and potentially it’s last? Boardwalk Empire (HBO) is also on.

10:00 pm: You know how I said last week that I was sticking with Pan Am (ABC)? Now I’m not so sure. Especially when Homeland (SHO) is clearly the best new drama of the fall. The season finale of Breaking Bad (AMC) is on and I will probably have to wear depends and light some Macintosh scented candles from Yankee Candle to get me through the hour (coincidentally, I’m running low on those if anyone wants to send me one…the candle, not the depends).


8:00 pm: Was anyone else as shocked as Kristen Cavallari that she was kicked off Dancing with the Stars (ABC) last week? Anyone is better than Nancy Grace or Chaz Bono going home though. I mean neither of them will win, but that’s who we’re all watching. Don’t you lie to me. I know. Also, 2 Broke Girls (CBS) is on at 8:30 and it recently got picked up for a full season which is awesome.

9:00 pm: I should be completely embarrassed and my taste level should be question (of course I already assume it has been called into question), but I’ll probably watch the entire season of Hart of Dixie (CW) at this point. On the other hand, Bored to Death (HBO) season 3 premieres and is followed by the series premiere of Laura Dern’s new show Enlightened (HBO) so these may be some tough Sophie’s Choices I need to make.

10:00 pm: There is literally nothing I want to watch that’s new at this hour, so maybe I should watch the HBO shows and DVR Hart of Dixie and watch that at this time. Good plan, right? Maybe I’ll just drink a box of wine.


8:00 pm: 100 Greatest Songs of the ‘00s (VH1) wraps up with songs 20-1. Check out a full list here.

9:00 pm: Dancing with the Stars (ABC) results show. Will my favorites (the worst dancers) make it through another week? Hopefully Chynna Phillips can Hold On for one more day. It was bad. I know.

10:00 pm: I tried watching Mad Fashion (Bravo) when it premiered last week, but I feel like this is one of those show that are better watched in marathon form on a Sunday afternoon. I’ll probably watched Chopped (Food) instead.


8:00 pm: I have finally decided that I will be watching Survivor (NBC) live and DVR’ing everything else during this hour. Although I will probably turn over to Suburgatory (ABC) at 8:30. Suburgatory is clearly the best new comedy of the fall.

9:00 pm: LaToya Jackson heads on over to America’s Next Top Model All Stars (CW) which should be real exciting. My favorite show on Wednesday nights is definitely Happy Endings (ABC) and that’s on at 9:30. Work of Art (Bravo) also premieres. I loved this show during it’s first season so I’m hoping it will be just as good this one.

10:00 pm: I kept expecting to see a scary monster baby singing Top 40 pop songs while watching American Horror Story (FX), but that never happened! At least not in the first episode. The episode was pretty good, but had so much going on that I wish it cut just a little out.


8:00 pm: Community and Parks and Rec (NBC) just seem to get better and better each week. Everyone has been getting some good time on Parks and Rec this season, except for Donna. More Donna, please. Also, Ron and April are perfect together.

9:00 pm: On Project Runway (Lifetime) the judges challenge each of the designers to create a mini-collection. I’m going to miss Bert a little aren’t you?

10:00 pm: Frank’s long-lost brother shows up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) this week spilling secrets and stuff.


Head on over to Netflix where they are killing it with the additions to their Watch Instantly selections. You can choose from Frasier, Louie (Season 1), Raising Hope, Parenthood, or even something spooky like the classic Dark Shadows. See the original show before the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film comes out.


If you are staying in there’s game 6 of the American League Championship on NBC. If you do head out make sure you program those DVRs for SNL (NBC) with host Anna Faris and music guest Drake. I will definitely be home for this cause I think Anna Faris is going to be so amazing.

Need help finding the right channels? DirectTV Channel listings are located here and Xfinity Comcast Channels are listed here.

Steven writes about mostly terrible television at TV Hangover and you can read his secrets at folkinz. You can also follow him on Twitter.


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