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This is all The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly parts of television this week and, oh damn, is there some stuff to talk about. The Good will focus on the best thing on TV this week, The Bad will explore the worst thing, and The Ugly will vary from week to week, but usually will be delving into the hottest of hot messes allowed to hit our TV screens.

I won’t delay this too much longer with needless sentences, but since this is the first time this column is being constructed I figure I’d say, “Hey!” I’ve written for The Dig before and I obvs write my own blog (I mean who doesn’t these days?) as well as a TV blog. I’d love for this column to be interactive so feel free to leave comments or tweet at me with some of your faves on TV for the week. OK, enough, I bored myself.

The Good.

I have a major boner for Happy Endings and this week’s second season finale didn’t disappoint. Let’s GIF our way through all the best parts of this episode.

We still haven’t heard at this point if there will be a third season, but it’s pretty likely it will happen.

This wouldn’t be complete without the Mandonna performance.

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The Bad.

The Killing returned this week. I wanted to love this series so much when it premiered last year. When it turned from a Twin Peaks meets Silence of the Lambsian Thriller to just a complete bore I didn’t actually care who killed Rosie Larson anymore.

The premiere didn’t wrap up anything, in fact it just gave us more to think about. The only thing I hate more than the unresolved meandering storyline is the fact that I am going to keep watching this show like some unrequited cowboy.

The Ugly.

This was an easy one. Mad Men is back and with this week’s episode gave us the return of Betty or as she was so affectionately called Fat Betty. There’s a bit of controversy over a much heavier Betty Francis. I don’t think the show intended for this kind of response … or you know maybe they did.

Meredith Blake wrote this for the LA Times:

“Betty’s weight gain makes her more sympathetic, in a way, but there’s also something faintly sadistic about her cartoonish make-up. I’ve always found Weiner strangely unforgiving of Betty, who’s easily the least sympathetic character on “Mad Men” but who, as the virtual poster girl for “The Feminine Mystique,” has more reasons to complain than, say, Roger Sterling or Pete Campbell. Yet once again in “Tea Leaves,” Betty is made a figure of ridicule — right down to the Band-Aid slapped on her neck after her doctor’s visit.”

If you haven’t seen Mad Men here’s a sampling of what the internet has to offer.

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