I’m wrapping up a month of summer camp movies and even though most I’ve watched were horrible, it still makes me nostalgic.  Can I hop into a time machine (or Delorean) and relive childhood, except this time my parents sent me to overnight camp instead of YMCA camps?  I’ll tell you which camp I won’t be attending: Camp Rolling Hills from Sleepaway Camp II.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers pretty much sums up exactly what goes on.  A bunch of naughty campers hate their annoying, do-gooder counselor Angela.  Angela hates these nasty kids and sends them home for every bad thing.  Oh but when she “sends them home” she actually murders them somewhere around the camp in random semi-disturbing fashion.  Some killings include a drill to head, tongue sliced off, and drowning in an outhouse full of poop and pee.

Worst. Counselor. Ever.

Where I give Sleepaway Camp II crazy props is for all the summer camp movie cliches.  It starts with telling scary stories by the campfire, a true classic.  There is a corny breakfast sing-along, reminding me of all those weird songs and cheers we’d recite as kids.  Campers get drunk and high in the woods.  Most importantly: a panty raid!  And a retaliation jock strap raid!  True to any ’80s slasher flick there is sex, because that’s what those baaaaad campers do to piss off crazy Angela.  After two campers have sex, the girl turns to the guy and says, “Listen, you don’t have AIDS or anything do you?”  See, important lessons.  What this movie definitely does not lack in is boobs.  There is a ton of boobage in this movie so get ready for some bra-less 80s ta-tas.

A true summer camp movie isn’t complete without a panty raid.

Filmed like an episode of Degrassi High from 1988, this movie isn’t going to blow your mind in cinematography.  The majority of the kills are pretty hilarious and even a little random (melted battery acid?!).  It’s the horrendous acting of Angela the psycho counselor that distracts me.  The other actors are all bad and likely did Cinemax late night programming in the 90s, but man is their killer awful.  Angela is played by Pamela Springsteen AKA Bruce Springsteen’s sister.  Sadly for Angela, Bruce got all the talent.

Bruce Springsteen > Pamela Springsteen

Not any sort of ground breaking horror franchise, but Sleepaway Camp II was a fun watch.  The movie definitely plays as a horror comedy, though I found the execution of actors hindered the funny.  I wish Netflix Instant had all three movies in the series, as it seems Sleepaway‘s sequel carries on the initial story from the first movie.  This is definitely a fun summer horror flick to watch and since the third movie is also streaming, I’ll probably check that out.  Dumb attractive-by-80s-standard teens getting killed by some overly moral counselor?  Count me in.  This is what Camp Rock needed.

If the summary above didn’t sell you, let me inform you the movie DOES contain an Estevez sibling.


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  1. J. PAT J. PAT says:

    Oh man, I loved the _shit_ out of this as a kid. Especially because the first one is a legitimately disturbing and surprisingly effective metaphor for the awkward terror of puberty, and this one is just “fuck it, let’s drown somebody poop and pee.”