These 5 spies are on one mission above all: kill Hitler!

I always feel a bit guilty when I give Netflix all the Queuin’ love. Not everyone has Netflix and I want to make sure you all get some good isht in your queue. Praise the streaming gods today cause I’ve got a Hulu exclusive for you.

And this show is real weird.

This week I checked out Australian comedy series Danger 5, and man did I love this bizarre show. Set in the 1960s in a world where WWII never ended, a team of spies embark on missions each week to kill Hitler and thwart his evil plans. The spies come from all around the world, each with special skills, and take orders from The Colonel, a human body with an eagle head. Missions I’ve seen so far include pretending to be strippers for Hitler’s birthday party, Nazi dinosaurs, and Japanese robo-pilots. Keeping with the filmed-in-the-60s vibe, all the “special effects” are super low rent, an intentional move to make it more B-movie like.

This show isn’t for everyone, but if you have a real offbeat sense of humor you’re going to love it.

Danger 5 reminded me of a show my brother recommended to me, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, which he watched on YouTube. I never got far into it, but this is definitely that kind of humor. It’s a weird concept to have a comedy show about spies chasing Hitler, but it works. The recurring gags make me laugh every time, particularly any time someone dies by Pierre their last words are a recipe for the perfect cocktail.

“Two parts dark rum … crushed ginger, fill with orange soda … the perfect Heil Hitler.”

Currently there are four episodes of Danger 5 up on Hulu, with new episodes added every Sunday (six episodes total). Thanks to Wikipedia I also learned there is a YouTube prequel episode you can watch as well. If it weren’t on Hulu, Danger 5 would be a perfect fit on Adult Swim. Comedies like this that really push the boundaries (and with fun action sequences) are worth the watch and I hope you give this hysterical show a shot.

Plus you get drink tips, so twofer!


Melissa is a reality TV and Jurassic Park superfan. When not watching anything and everything on Netflix, Hulu, and the interwebs, she tweets a ridiculous amount @melgotserved.

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