“She’s so evil … and she’s only in high school!”

I like balancing my Queuin’ habits between Netflix and Hulu, dabbling in other sites from time to time.  I had some ideas of Hulu shows to watch this week, until Hulu added a dark comedy I couldn’t resist watching again: Jawbreaker.

I killed Liz, I killed the teen dream. Deal with it.

To celebrate the birthday of their best friend Liz, her three best friends kidnap her early in the morning, bounding her hands and feet, and silencing her screams with the seemingly innocent candy. When the girls pop the trunk to surprise their bestie, well … Liz is very dead. Bitchy Courtney (played by a post-Scream Rose McGowan) convinces the group to lie about the incident, but they have to resort to a bigger cover-up when geeky Fern overhears the horrible truth. It’s a battle of high school status, the politics of the popular. There’s candy-colored crop tops and capris, but scathing dialogue and girls behaving badly.

The movie is hit-or-miss for most people, but personally I love it. It’s reminiscent of Heathers, especially by it being a dark teen comedy (in no way starring actual teens). Rose McGowan plays a pretty impressive bitch and the movie introduced us to the quirkiness of Judy Greer. As Greer’s Fern Mayo transforms into cool girl Vylette, she goes toe-to-toe with McGowan, playing off each other with great catfight energy.

Add in a creepy cameo by Marilyn Manson and you’ve got a cast of winners!

Good news is Jawbreaker is on regular ol’ Hulu, not Hulu Plus, so anyone can watch the whole movie for free. With all the sugary, cutesy ’90s teen movies out there (She’s All That, Drive Me Crazy, etc), Jawbreaker sticks out for being completely different and dark. It also makes you reconsider candy choices and the severity of your pranks. It also features a pretty kick-ass soundtrack, including Imperial Teen and The Donnas. Stray from the typical comedy picks and try something a little weirder.  You’ll appreciate Jawbreaker for its weird originality.


Melissa is a reality TV and Jurassic Park superfan. When not watching anything and everything on Netflix, Hulu, and the interwebs, she tweets a ridiculous amount @melgotserved.


  1. John John says:

    I LOVE this movie. You’ll never hear Connie Francis’s “Lollipop Lips” after seeing James Marsden going to town on a popsicle.