I feel like I often get neglectful of Hulu and it makes me sad. There’s so much on the site, yet I always gravitate towards Netflix (I mean, Netflix is still king for movies). So this week I went for Hulu and TV to switch it up a bit.

Hulu’s latest step into original programming is a pretty great animated comedy: The Awesomes.

The Awesomes is a super hero team that’s more Bad New Bears and less Avengers. Saturday Night Live’s Seth Myers (also the series’ co-creator) voices Professor Doctor Awesome AKA Prock, who takes over the team from his retiring dad. His superhero troop is made up of a gang of weirdos with ridiculous superpowers. Powers such as a child turning into a mega-giant sumo wrestler or conjuring that, regardless of the form, includes the voice and face of the conjurer’s loud, abrasive mother.

It’s pretty funny and would fit perfectly into any primetime animated line-up. Luckily Hulu’s got this exclusively.

Part of the fun of The Awesomes is all the awesome voice talent they were able to recruit. Myers’s SNL connections bring in regulars like Keenan Thompson and Taran Killam, but also the hysterical Bill Hader voices the show’s super villain. While the idea of a superhero comedy sounded interesting, the caliber of funny actors brought me up.

Pop culture super-fan bonus: one of the producers is Judd Winick and if you’re a dork like I am, you’ll remember him as the cartoonist from The Real World: San Francisco.

Season one of The Awesomes is available to stream on Hulu and the good news is season two was just recently ordered. The episodes are 23 minutes each, so if you have the Adult Swim preference for animated series you might want to prep yourself for 12 more minutes. Once you get past the first episode of setup, the hilarious crimes and villains take off and it’s a great comedy with room for more growth. I’m looking forward to continuing season one and wishing I had a super power. Even if it’s a real bizarre one.


Melissa is a reality TV and Jurassic Park superfan. When not watching anything and everything on Netflix, Hulu, and the interwebs, she tweets a ridiculous amount @melgotserved.


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