Holy crap, it’s been a whole year already. I made a resolution this year to track everything I watched in a handy Google doc and I did alright for myself. Queuin’ this year was full of interesting finds. Netflix was on fire in 2013, bringing lots of awesome content to their streaming. In turn, Hulu is continuing to offer strong original and imports. And Blockbuster died a slow death. With just a week left of 2013 and the holidays, you might have some free time on your hands.

Here are 10 of my Queuin’ favorites that you’ve gotta watch before the new year.

1. The Queen of Versailles
It’s crazy to think that I only saw this movie at the beginning of 2013, but it’s one of those documentaries that sticks with you. A fascinating follow of a family who dreams of building a massive, gaudy palace takes an unexpected turn as the economy forces them into financial ruin. This is one of those movies that everyone tells me they’re glad they watched. You’ll love it too. Stream it here

2. Bernie
One of my absolute favorite finds of 2013, something I just stumbled upon while browsing. Jack Black’s amazing performance brings this dark comedy to amazing levels of enjoyment, as a nicest guy in town who maaaaay have killed an elderly woman he’s kiiiinda dates. Bernie made Best of 2012 lists, but I discovered it in 2013 so it’s on MY list this year. Stream it here

3. The Miami Connection
I discovered this new cult phenonmenon in an Entertainment Weekly article and since I love the awful, I had to watch. The Miami Connection is absolutely one of the worst movies made, but you have to watch it. Crazy violence, 80′s synth band of ninjas, biker gangs, mispronouncing the word “orphans” … this movie is THE cult movie you won’t want to miss. Stream it here

4. Arrested Development
We spent years begging for our beloved Bluths to return and 2013 brought back the selfish family in a binge-tastic way. All the episodes were released at once, leading to all us never-nudes spending a weekend on the couch watching the unique season unfold. Some didn’t love the new format, but I thought it was a master class in interwoven stories and staging. I’d love to do another binge day and re-watch, because it’s so damn brilliant. Stream it here

5. The Arscheerio Paul Show
When I was a kid I remember staying up late and sneaking in episodes of Arsenio Hall’s talk show. Twenty years later, Arsenio is back in the late-night game and comedian Paul Scheer has a brilliant web series parodying the original. Scheer dresses in the trademark gear, and hair, of the famed talk show host while bringing in other comedians to re-enact big moments of the show. So weird, so awesome, so hilarious. Stream it here

6. Orange is the New Black
Netflix was killin’ in in 2013 with original programming (sorry bros, I didn’t finish House of Cards), and the standout for me was Orange is the New Black. An irritating WASP of a woman enters prison and with that brings out a cast of rich, amazing yet troubled females. Rich backstories bring depth to what could be caricatures. If I listed favorite series in 2013, this would make my list for sure. Stream it here

7. You’ve Been Trumped
Donald Trump is a tool and this documentary about a Scottish community refusing to take his shit is a great movie. The hard part is how frustrating the beautiful hills and beaches ripped to shreds and paved over to build a golf course for rich travelers. But the community’s strength to come together and fight back is inspiring. Stream it here

8. Fresh Meat
I love Hulu’s catalog of imported TV shows from the UK. This year brought us Fresh Meat, a comedy about the horrible dorm life of college. The characters are people you wish you could be friends with (even douchey JP). A college show that doesn’t suck, the show’s third season just began airing in the UK so I’ll be tweeting Hulu non-stop to make sure we get to stream the newest episodes. Stream it here

9. The Cabin in the Woods
One of those movies everyone raved (or ranted) about in theaters, I can’t believe I was able to go so long without being spoiled. The story begins how you expect any horror movie to go: a bunch of attractive college kids head into the woods for a weekend of booze and sexin’ but end up getting killed. Until the twist. It reminds me of the reality shows I love that interfer to get drama, except the drama is created here for an insane reason. It’s a polarizing movie but I enjoyed every minute (especially the part with the merman). Stream it here

10. MXP: Most Extreme Primate
This movie is 100% garbage, but it was perhaps the most fun I’ve had watching a movie this year. Trapped in our homes from a snow storm, the Dig gang watched and live tweeted the snowboarding chimp movie from their respective homes. What occurred was ninety minutes of hilarious snark and a new shitty movie to love. It may have pushed others to their brink of insanity. But I loved it because duh, chimps. Stream it here


Melissa is a reality TV and Jurassic Park superfan. When not watching anything and everything on Netflix, Hulu, and the interwebs, she tweets a ridiculous amount @melgotserved.

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