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UPDATE (August 15th): Martin’s wife pledged the money tho the Kickstarter fund, with her reward being the the name plaque that goes along with the Poe bust, one of our most popular reward levels. She wrote the organizers saying that her dad used to read Poe stories to her and that her husband is also a Poe fan, and that if they got funded, she would give us her husband’s name, George R.R. Martin, which she wanted on the plaque.

Earlier this summer, the Edgar Allan Poe Bronze Bust Project launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring literati legend, Edgar Allan Poe, to the Boston Public Library in the form of a life-sized bronze statue. In the first twenty minutes of the fundraiser, famed monster maker Guillermo del Toro made a sizable donation setting the project on its path to realization. But yesterday, the folks running the campaign learned that del Toro was not the only celebrity dropping stacks for Poe.

“When a Kickstarter is finished, you must send out a survey to your donors in order to fulfill rewards,” says Izzy Lee, a Boston-based filmmaker and project organizer. “It turned out that [George R.R.] Martin used an alias to donate to us! We are honored to have these astounding talents support us — and Poe!”

In addition to Martin — you know, the author of Game of Thrones — and del Toro, Neil Gaiman, and Peter Straub also donated to the bust, which will be crafted by Bryan Moore and will be unveiled at the BPL on October 30.

And complimenting the reveal and making your Halloween that much better, the following evening, October 31, Lee and Moore are bringing Dennis Paoli’s brilliant play “Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe” to the Somerville Theatre for one-night-only (tickets here).



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