Nestled across the street from Whole Foods (wherein oblivious Cantabrigians are busy blowing their paychecks on organic ricotta) lies Tom Tipton’s Out of the Blue Gallery, a modest anteroom devoted to local art and artistes. Expansive in every definition of the word (excepting that lame literal one) the gallery resembles no less than a high-brow game of Tetris. Every available metric measurement is crammed with objects d’art. Suspended, as it were, in the center of this maelstrom of the creative, the gallery proved fertile ground for Kat Arrants to establish Goddess Fest, a quarterly tribute to live performance in the double X-chromosome vein.

“Goddess Fest began, in part, because our friends The Grass Gypsys had hooked up with Out of the Blue to do some acoustic wonder shows, and they asked us to play,” explains Arrants. “We were talking to one of the volunteers working at the gallery, and we got to talking about how rare it was to see another all-female band in Boston, and how many of the lesbian events that we were aware of were more about DJs than live music.”

This vague inkling led to a conversation with Tipton, who set aside a Friday last April for Arrants to arrange artists to freestyle on the feminine. Several bottles of wine and a few homemade batches of lemon brownies later, Goddess Fest was a fixture amongst open-mic types, featuring artists like Andrea Paquin, Christine Jozitis and Arrant’s own Brief Awakening. It is lasting proof that all you need to make an evening is some great people in a great space, playing great music.

That, and those lemon brownies. They are pretty fucking righteous.

[Goddess Fest. Fri 10.29.10. Out of the Blue Gallery, 106 Prospect St., Cambridge. 617.354.5287. 7pm/$5 suggested donation.]

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