I got hooked onto Appomattox when I saw a show for some other band whose name escapes me. They were the opening act, and I was enthralled enough with their fuzzy guitars to grab them for an interview. Fast forward a couple of years and countless concert reviews later--I was excited to see them back in their old stomping grounds alongside Soft Pyramids and Me and Joan Collins.

Soft Pyramids was a nice surprise--a mellowed out indie brainchild of a few Boston musicians. I was definitely impressed with their sound, but the memory of their set is tinged with bittersweetness: to the boy who immediately moved to the other side of the Great Scott when I asked him how he got into Soft Pyramids, go fuck yourself.

Appomattox were exactly what I remembered them to be--passionate and talented musicians. They wizzed through songs found on their debut album, A O, as well as off their latest EP. Their solid set wasn’t seen by that many eyes--people started to peel out halfway through but that didn’t stop their concentration or delivery. The boys were on point. They were also super nice, as I said hello to drummer James Mello after they were done performing. Turns out, you really do attract more flies with honey. Whatever the hell that means.


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