Upon entrance to this sold-out House of Blues show, I knew exactly I was getting myself into--wall to wall big burly dudes acting like they had a bone to pick with those who a) weren’t as big as Bad Religion fans as they were and b) weren’t other big burly dudes. Me and my plus one were definitely dressed to impress, donned out in our DayGlo does punk rock finest, yet it was simply to no avail. When you’re in a packed venue to see a band whose been kicking up dust for nearly four decades, fashion (regardless of how tight it is) has to take a back seat.

The Bouncing Souls warmed the crowd up with some of their most recognizable material, like “Highway Kings,” “Lean On Sheena,” and “Never Say Die/When You’re Young” as an encore. Greg Attonito looked adorable in his tie as he belted out songs that empowered a legion of moshers who transformed the floor area into their personal playspace, full of dancing, jumping, and drunken antics. This live show personified everything their music talked about, and much more.

As for BR, they opened with their trademark could give a fuck attitude as frontman Greg Graffin sported an all black ensemble as he was nearly overshadowed by the trademark Bad Religion anti cross symbol. Songs like “Sorrow” and “Before You Die” brought a captivated audience to their knees as the California natives navigated their way through a setlist that was well over 25 songs. A concert this long could cause anticipation, but everyone there was just happy so see such legendary musicians--and honestly, so was I.


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