For a period of about 10 years there, The Matrix was a little like herpes at a swingers’ convention. Someone was always shoving it in your face.

And as the history of this column has shown, it just won’t go away for good.

My point is that from 1999 until about 2008, everybody and their latex-and-leather-wearing mom found themselves looking at Keanu Reeves’s face at least once a week. The cultural and psychological damage from this period of American history has not yet been adequately calculated, but as we all remember (hopefully), the first Matrix was actually, against all odds, a damn good movie. And so was the soundtrack. Prepare to be slapped in the face with some nostalgia:

Yep. Thats who Propellerheads are. They were the guys who did that song that every unimaginative sitcom on television was obliged to use in their dumbass Matrix fight scene spoofs for the following three years.

Luckily, it’s a fucking cool song.

And it makes sense that the Wachowski Brothers would decide to use it. Not only is there the obvious visual connection (people in trenchcoats and sunglasses running places), but it walks that line where the production is super slick but it still comes off as somehow raw -- plus it was the 90s and well… breakdancing.

Weirdly enough though, very few people in the US ever bothered to figure out where that song came from. And it’s too bad because Decksanddrumsandrockandroll was one of the most badass albums around back then. For my next witness, I shall call Miss Shirley Bassey:

My point being, they can do more than one thing. There’s Shirley Bassey, breakbeats galore, a rendition of the Bond theme, some rapping, skateboard sounds, a girl talking about velvet pants, and -- yes -- turntables. A lot of turntables.

And I just can’t get out of this column without making you listen to this:

Buy the album here and start practicing your pop-and-lock routine. Oh. You’re welcome.


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