Whenever Boston’s delinquent nephew Worcester comes up in conversation, we can’t help but form the mental image of some sort of devastated city-scape straight out of an arcade beat-em-up, ala Final Fight or Streets of Rage, where everyone just goes around supplexing each other and eating chicken legs off the ground. While this is likely untrue, and undoubtedly insulting, in our defense, hometurf synthrock heros Herra Terra aren’t really helping things by making the perfect sort of music to spin-kick by. Insert coins to continue at the Middle East Upstairs, but be warned—when they start flashing, the move twice as fast.

[FRI 6.24.11. MIDDLE EAST UP. 472 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. 617.864.3278. 8pm/18+/$12 door/$10 adv.]

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