A few months ago, in the dead of winter, I found myself in one of the secret studios that make up the labyrinth of warehouses in Allston. It was about 4:30am on a Saturday and true to Allston form, the party was still going. The moment my ears thawed out enough to differentiate the sound waves, I could finally register the heavy bass line and insanely wild drum beat that was ripping through the room. It was exactly how you get the heat going on a bitterly cold New England night, and those responsible were none other than Alex Russo and Chris Narainen, the Boston-based live electronic duo that make up Blue Boy Productions.

I was so blown away by their heavy, yet impeccably crisp sound that I made sure to hit up their subsequent bookings. I followed them around Allston, finding them at Wonderbar on Tuesdays for Music Ecology, where they hold down a residency (alongside the down-tempo and glitch master Jeremy “Professorpious” Smith), as well as various after-parties around town and most recently at Figment Boston and Camp Coldbrook.

It’s safe to say I am a BBP fiend, so you can only imagine my excitement when I got to sit down and share a pitcher of IPA with them.

Joining musical forces about five years ago, the two began as a jazz project, having met through a mutual friend whose response to Chris’s cries for a fellow musician to jam with was Alex. “We started as a duo, with Alex playing the bass and the keys and me jamming on my drums,” Chris says, reflecting back on the origins of the band. “Now our focus is to keep people moving and keep their attention with the bass and the technical aspects of our music. It’s getting really crazy.”

When I asked them if they had both gone to school for music, I was surprised to learn that the answer was no.

Alex attended the New England School of Art for audio production and Chris attended UMass Boston for finance. Adding to the anti-school shock factor, Chris, an absolute machine on the drum kit, is a completely self-taught musician. Go figure.

For the BBP boys, the door to the electronic music world opened in very different ways. Coming of age in Mauritius, a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Chris grew up with house music while maintaining an avid appreciation for metal and jazz. Alex, a Boston native, found his way to the 10,000 Lakes Festival where he heard the Disco Biscuits and knew there was more womp to be had. They now attribute artists such as David Tipper, Heyoka and Bluetech as being some of their top influences.

They are hitting the festival circuit, including The Big Up Festival in late July. Closer to home, they’ll be on a boat with The Indobox over the weekend. Be forewarned the bass will be so heavy that the ship may sink.



FRIDAY 7.15.11






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