Empire-state downtempo set Si*Se, on-stage at the Middle East Downstairs, once toured with garrulous cranium David Byrne, have tracks that feature instrumental work by both a violin and a viola, including a single named “Amiga,” which we can only assume is in reference to the old Commodore-brand PC. Heh. What a bunch of nerds. Maybe if we ask them nicely they’ll cover the theme from Tetri—oh. Well, poop. “Amiga” just finished streaming, and there’s a clear Latin-Soul vibe going on here. We were way off on this one. Our b.

[Sat 7.30.11. 472 Mass Ave., Central Sq., Cambridge. 617.864.3278. 8pm/18+/$15 adv, $17 dos. @sisenyc.]

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