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Grass is Green (@GrassisntGreen) and Supervolcano (@supervolcano617) @ Great Scott :

You thought real rock bands were DEAD! Nope. Two Boston-based killer squads were here to steer us to safety.

Jesse of Grass is Green is that dude. He only just so happens to also be our dude! When talking about rock bands in Boston, you have to mention Grass is Green and Supervolcano, who shared the stage last night in a meeting of the murk.

Grass is Green have a stuttered strut, showcasing a certain swagger that has long existed, been forgotten, and been reborn in the guitar world, long before the recent shortening of the term to SWAG. This is Humphrey Bogart swag. You might say BogSwag. Wait, no, don’t say that… read @haveyoumetter‘s previous coverage of Grass is Green instead!

And if you see drummer Jesse walking out of the Dig offices, try not to go groupie. This is his day job.

Supervolcano also rocked Great Scott in what was a true show of odd rock and roll, for those of us who still listen to that stuff. Oh yeah, guitars with distortion and no synthesizers–that used to be a thing, right? Check out the fluorescent blue clementine slices on the band’s Bandcamp and the video below. They have a very quirked out and powerful demeanor, with pleasing bursts of volume on all the offsteps.

Big up Supervolcano, the amplifier scientists.

Public Beach (@public_beach) @ Middle East Up:

The best way to judge an artist is by the melodramatic pictures and music that they fave.

NAHT. But Public Beach’s Tumblr actually gives a good idea of the band’s sound. Rather than a gallery of models wearing curtains and a superfluous flow of “vintage vintage vintage” tagged images, Public Beach uses their Tumblr to showcase the band!

As you can see, Public Beach are going Super Soaker with this water thing.

There’s been a big trend in water based lifeforms making music recently. Check Public Beach’s Bandcamp and see a prime example, where they offer a FREE EP. They pulse their aquatic, echoing rhythms into the music and add oceans of reverb to production. Add reggae style guitars (that aren’t guitars) and you’ve got some wet n wild jams. There was meddling of another nature on the other side of town last night.

Public Beach commits to their Little Mermaid “UNDAH DAH SEA” image, and that’s a pretty gangster move.


2 Responses to THE MORNING AFTER … 2.1.12

  1. Nigel Nigel says:

    There were 2 other bands at GS last night. Most importantly, Trespasser released a record. No coverage? The Shills were on the bill as well. No coverage? What’s the deal?


  2. Here’s the deal, Nige:

    We also wrote about their CD release in the Daily Dig yesterday.