Alright Dig readers here we are.  I have decided to start a weekly segment dedicated to promoting local musicians and artists called Local Hi-Fi[+ DOPE PHOTOS CAUSE ANDREW IS A PHOTO GOD!--ED.] This week’s issue features Nicole D’Amico and Friends. If you make music or art and would like to be featured in Local Hi-Fi, please comment here or email me.  But yeah that’s enough jibba jabba. Lets do the damn thing!!!

Local Hi-Fi: Issue 1

Nicole D’Amico and Friends is a local band whose music turns the world of genre classification on it’s backside.  I first met the band while they were playing the Middle East.  It turns out they weren’t only playing the show, but they also booked it themselves.  NDAF’s set was made up of a mixture of covers and original songs.  They rocked it.  The vocals of Nicole and Rachel perfectly blend and harmonize over the music laid down by the rest of the band.   Now here’s a video of their song ,”Funky Mamas.”

Too bad there was some douche bag with a camera walking through their shot!

(Video by Nicole D’Amico and Friends)

A few days after the show I met up with NDAF at Dan (the drummer)’s house for a photo shoot and an interview.  The guys and gals of NDAF were great to work with and fun to hangout with.

When, where and how did you all meet?
Everyone aside from Zac and Dave went to UMass Amherst. I met and became close friends with Rachel and Dan (cello) there.  Dan and Dan were long time roommates and when we all ended up in city together after graduation, we decided to start playing music.  Dan Petty (drummer) left for grad school, and Dan (cello) and I forged ahead and found new people to play with.  I started dating Dave (my mom introduced us), so he just slowly integrated himself into the group. And after a lot of convincing Rachel joined.  I met Zac on my front porch when my neighbor decided not to come home and invited him in.  A couple of months ago I asked him to play with us and soon after Dan Petty (drummer) returned from UMass with a masters degree and decided to be our drummer again.

How would you describe your music?
Fun! I guess you could tie it up in a neat package as blues/folk rock, but I think Fun is a way better description. We try to hit many genres, like blues, folk, reggae. jam, funk, americana, etc.

But at the end of the day, we are looking to create music that gets people moving and grooving.

We make music that puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

How long have you been playing together?
Together as a band, only about two to three weeks.  I picked up the guitar about three and a half years ago. Rachel taught me how to play, which is funny because now she just sings.  But Dan (cello) and I have had this project in motion and been playing out together for about two years now.  Everyone else has been playing their instrument for at least 10 years.

So you book your own gigs sometimes, how is that working for you?
It’s always a challenge being your own manager and promoter, but the more we play out and the more people/bands we meet, the easier it gets.  I also play in Dave Crespo’s After Party, and Dave Crespo got me started by booking us at awesome venues like McGann’s and Good Life Lounge.  Soon after we met people like Kenny P, of Elephant Music Group, and Tom Tipton, from Out of the Blue Art Gallery, and started booking shows with them. Now we are starting to just send out our press kit and see what kind of response we get. So far so good!

Do you ever play outside of Boston?
Yes! Festivals are our scene!

We played Wormtown Music Festival and Disc Jam this past summer. We are hoping to play more this coming summer.

I am also starting to seek out gigs in NYC and some other places as well.

What does the music mean for you?
A damn good time!  We love the high of playing together and sharing it with our friends, community, and strangers alike.

Music is life and love.

We intend on keeping it that way.

When and where is your next shows?
FRI 3.30.12

THU 4.6.12

If you haven’t checked Nicole D’Amico and Friends out yet I highly suggest it. I had a great time at their show listening to their folky, funky, fresh music and relaxing around good people…

So next time they are around go grab some beers and dance your head off to their fun rhythms and soulful vocals…

Oh ya and as always.



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