Hey boo.

21st Century stone fox, Kreayshawn (Natassia Gail Zolot) is guaranteed to catch your drift at some point. Despite what some may think about her image and the music she’s currently creating, Kreay has established herself as not only a household name in hip-hop, but a multi-dimensional artist in her own right.

Her latest album, Something ‘Bout Kreay, is not for those with beards and vests, needless to say. And young lady is on tour and coming our way, the pied piper of a pop fashion, hip-hop orgy with attitude and lust. She talked to DigBoston about the Internet that made her famous and the boys that bug her.

Hey boo.

You may cut this interview short with this first question. You used to be a Craigslist pimp, then there were leaked naked underage photos of you on Twitter. Do you find all that irrelevant at this point?

Would you rather these things not come up in discussion? You must get asked about this a lot, I’m sure.
Um… Nah, no one’s asked me about that shit.

Well, I find it interesting. It doesn’t bother you to show people what you have under the hood?

No way,  I don’t mind. I put it out there. I think it’s interesting. It’s my life.

You had mentioned in an interview that you had a lonely upbringing and you were brought  up on the Internet.  You mean you were raised by the Internet in some sense?
Yeah, I mean I definitely grew up with it, dial-up internet, chatting all night. My mom screaming, telling me to get off because she had to use the phone.

Ah, DSL. The Golden Era.

Yeah, but me and my grandfather use to build computers and go dumpster diving and get old computers that were thrown in the trash and turn them into Frankenstein computers and shit.

When did making music first appeal to you?
My mother was in a band, [The Trashwomen], so there was always instruments and microphones around. One of the first times I made a song, I was like four or five years old. I picked up a mic and started singing this song, and then my mom had me do it in the studio and it ended up being on her album. That was my first vinyl appearance in ’93. I was like, four.

A  4 yr old Kreayshawn appears on The Trashwomen’s “Boys Are Toys”:

What music were you hearing, growing up?
I don’t know, I was listening to whatever my mom put on.  She had me  listening to The Ramones like, all the time.

Coming from a punk/garage musical upbringing, when did you start getting privy to hip-hop music and what was it about the music that hooked you?
Just watching TV back in the early ’90s. Hip-hop was always on TV. I was always watching music videos and TV. It was the music of my generation growing up. And punk music was the music of my mom’s generation.

I was just going to ask you that. Do you see punk and hip-hop  sort of serving the same purpose in some way?

Yes, definitely rebel music; different styles of rebel music, you know?

What are you listening to these days?
I like underground, like crazy Soundcloud artists. Real weirdo stuff. I’m always listening to new stuff.

Would you encourage music listeners to explore and find new music under the radar, rather than get their music from more commercial sources?
Whatever floats your boat. I like listening to obscure music, that’s just what sounds good to me. Some people hear about an artist, and they like to Google and get their bio and they’re comfortable doing that. It’s always good as a fan of music to go on Soundcloud and just click around.

There is a community for musicians on Soundcloud, too. if you’re making music, it’s always good to listen to as much music as you can.

As an MC, and some, all your lyrics come from free-styling rather than writing?

I like free-styling more because it’s  how I started. Stream of conscience.

Even when I write it’s like free-styling; ya know, just writing while I’m free-styling.

Call her Kreay Hefner, Playboy Bunny.

Who are are some of your favorite MCS? Your top 5?
Kool Keith was influential to me. Ah … Quasimoto. Missy Elliot, cause she’s awesome. And ahhhh … uh … hmmmm …yeah, that guy, I can’t think  right now.

Not to start any static here, but who are some of your least favorite?
I have a list that I’m not willing to share due to a situation. It’s a good list though.

How long is it?
Not long. It’s a good list. Not more than five.

I’m not a hater. I’m not a bad girl, I’m a good girl.

Yes you are. Let’s talk about male groupies. I’m well aware of the female kind, but what the hell do the dudes think they are doing?
[Laughs] I don’t know. It’s weird. It’s like they are trying to hit on you, but they’re not, I don’t know. If a guy comes up to me, they are usually drunk, you know? I guess it’s more nerve racking for a guy to come up to me than, like, a girl, ’cause you know girls are like, ‘Oh, I’m a big fan,’ but for a guy it’s like, ‘I may have a chance at being her boyfriend.’

Sounds pathetic, but you are damn cute.  What’s the right way to approach Kreayshawn? I’m not hitting on you. You bring out the teenage girl in me.

[Laughs] Well…If you’re trying to approach me, like meet me, it has to be super cool.

You can’t be like, ‘I came to your show, and I linger you.’ I’ve definitely hung out with guys after the show. But I’ve never met an interesting, like datable, guy. I’d be friends with all of them, but I’m picky anyway.

Well you got all the syrup right?  But honestly, do you think there is still one guy out there for you regardless?
Yes, definitely. I think with every  person, there is a point person for them.

I ran out of questions. On a  scale of one to ten, how were my questions?

I would say you did pretty good. You got an 8. Yeah, you got an 8 there, boy.


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  1. You got an 8 on the interview but how about as the person….ah…a 10 for sure!