DJ SET OF THE WEEK: “Always My City”: A Boston Marathon Relief Compilation

Beantown Boogiedown delivers us Always My City“: A Boston Marathon Relief Compilation; all donations go to the One Fund. We will continue to dance for the victims of last week’s tragedy, and spread the electronic spirit, of positivity and togetherness, through music. 

Nick Minieri of Beantown Boogiedown has released a compilation of 30 electronic dance music tracks created by Boston and New England area artists, including Prism, Noya, Kerry Leva, Pat Fontes, n0ms, Chadley, Wheez-ie, Dbow and Bass Glutton. Minieri garnered inspiration from the Marathon relief mixtape released earlier last week by Allston Pudding, a compilation of numerous rock and indie tracks developed by Editor Perry Eaton and his team.

Entitled Always My City, Beantown Boogiedown’s effort is a continuous fundraising event to benefit the victims reeling from the aftermath of Boston Marathon Bombings.  Donations begin at a minimum of $1, and $100 has been raised in less than a week. The proceeds will be allocated through One Fund Boston, a fund developed by Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Tom Menino to support those injured in the blast.

The mix is a passionate blend of each individual artists’ tastes: the chill-out of deep house, progressive electronic music, the scratches and crisp snares of trap, the 808 and 809 clap of juke music, the syncopation of dubstep, and the breakbeats of drum and bass. Minieri’s efforts, along with the producers and electronic music artists have in effect “synchronized” the Boston electronic community with the public, and since releasing the compilation on Monday morning, six new tracks have already been added. Here is the purpose of the compilation in Minieri’s own words:

“Like most everyone in Boston, a lot was racing through my mind in the days that followed Monday’s events. I was less than five blocks away from the blasts, and all that I could do was get out as fast as I could. I felt helpless, and a lot of emotion for the victims, which came to a climax on Thursday night as (yet again) I was within a few blocks of the shoot-outs and chase seen that took place in Cambridge.”

“It was supposed to be a night of music and dancing at the Middlesex Lounge.”

“In times of despair, people band together and come to the aid of those in need. We’ve seen this after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Fukushima, and most recently Hurricane Sandy. Holed up in my apartment on Friday, I felt that the absolute least that I could do was give back to the city that I have called home for almost a decade. In times of turbulence, the human spirit prevails, and I felt that I was doing my part to contribute. The idea for the compilation was inspired directly from the one Perry Eaton and his team over at Allston Pudding had curated earlier in the week.”

“It was impressive to see how quickly they were able to compile over a hundred rock and indie tracks, and get the artists on board within a span of hours.”

“For mine, I didn’t want to be picky with what tracks and artists to include beyond the local emphasis. From a promotional standpoint, I felt that the more people I had involved, the more donations the mixtape would receive. Several of the artists that I reached out to for this project made their tracks within 48 hours of initiating contact.”

“There are many different ways that one can be charitable, and as the producers demonstrated through the mixtape, it doesn’t have to involve money. It’s all about empowering people to take whatever action they can to help.”

“I’m very grateful to everyone who has donated his or her money or studio time to make the project happen. I knew from the get go that even raising a little money was better than sitting back and doing nothing. I welcome any artists who are interested to reach out to me directly to make ongoing contributions to the compilation.”

Ways you can help: Donate and Download the Always My City compilation on, and attend the Make It New for One Fund fundraiser at the Middlesex Lounge tonight with a $10 donation.  

We will continue to dance for the victims of last week’s tragedy, and spread the electronic spirit, of positivity and togetherness, through music.  


9 PM/21+/$10


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